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“The training model being executed is normally only seen at very high level courses of instruction reserved for Special Operations from my experience.” 

Curtis F. | 23 years U.S. Army Special Forces


Protective Security Certificate | 53 Days | GI Bill & Vocational Rehab
If their was a PHD in protective education, this would be the course. The PSC program includes all of the below certificate courses and more. This extensive program prepares graduates for all threat environments by combining 5 of our top training modules run back-to-back.

  • PSD Driving | 7-days | On and Off road, Skid & reverse clinics, off-road recovery, PIT
  • High Risk First Responder | 6-days | BLS/CPR/AED  for Rescuers, TCCC Certification (NAEMT)
  • Executive Protection | 8-days | Celebrity & Corporate protocols, Advance work, Mapping, soft skills
  • High Threat Protection | 19-days | Live-fire, Foreign Weapons, Immediate Actions, Driver Down
  • Surveillance Detection/TSCM | 10-days | Mobile and walking SDRs, Bug Sweeps, GPS tracking

We will test you extensively to validate your skills training and education that we have provided you. Successful graduates will be awarded a PSC graduation plaque with name and class number, a PSC completion certificate and letter of training validation and more.READ MORE

Online Executive Protection Courses | 18 total | $200*
When it comes to Executive Protection / Bodyguard training, much of what you will learn during typical resident training programs will be theory in a classroom setting. Executive Protection / Bodyguard training is as much a mental game as a physical one, and SECFOR’s properly constructed Online Executive Protection courses can teach you a variety of valuable topics that you can utilize in the field immediately.

Our courses are not just repackaged internet information on blank white screen and a background voice droning on….we at SECFOR do things a little different. Our courses include dynamic elements and video, including our on-the-ground video walk-throughs that show agents going through the planning process in real-world protective environments such as, Beirut, Los Angeles, Ciudad Juárez, and other relevant environments.  No additional outside books or materials are required to complete the online certificate course. Graduates may attend our resident training programs at a discounted cost upon completion of the online certificate program READ MORE

*$200 per course when the full 18-unit certificate program is purchased together.

Crisis Management/Negotiator  | 6 days | Open Enrollment

Security managers, consultants and executive management must deal with the unfortunate reality of Kidnap and Ransom, Extortion, Terrorism (KRET™) and other criminal scenarios if their staff works in high threat regions of the world. Proper understanding of insurance support, mitigation strategies, preparation, avoidance and correct reaction, can be life-saving. Your instructors, Mike Clayton, and Victor Bazan, have years of experience in federal and private hostage and K&R negotiation.  READ MORE

Executive Protection Essentials | 7 days-84 hours | $3550 | Lodging/Meals Included!
CPR/AED For Professional Rescuer & Tactical Emergency Casualty Care certifications are offered in this info-packed 84 hours program run by working protection professionals. Our all-inclusive short-course covers all the key aspects of the job taught including Evasive/PSD Driving, Medical Emergencies, Immediate Actions, Advance Work, Mission Planning & Mapping, Surveillance Detection and a recruitment clinic is just a small part of the EPE course. The EPE course will provide an introduction to working all threat environments in the shortest time possible READ MORE

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certification (NAEMT) | 4 days | $1400 (Discounts available)
This TC3 certification course goes above and beyond any other program and is a favorite with military medics, special operations, federal, state, and local law enforcement. Graduates will be well versed in treating life-threatening bleeding, airway emergencies, mass casualty incidents and first responder operations under hazardous conditions. No prior medical experience is necessary to attend this course and all public safety personnel and civilians alike will benefit from this 4-day trauma care program READ MORE


GI Bill is a trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at” 

All veteran funded training is conducted by MiraCosta College Community Services & Workforce Development located at 2075 Las Palmas Drive, Carlsbad, California 92011

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