GI Bill® Approved Executive Protection | PSD | DDM | TCCC

“The training model being executed is normally only seen at very high level courses of instruction reserved for Special Operations from my experience.” 

Curtis F. | 23 years U.S. Army Special Forces


We are restructuring our certificate programs to give students more options, and now offer 3 certificate pipelines. A 22-day Executive Protection Certificate, a 42-day High Threat Protection Certificate, and a 53+ day Protective Security Certificate. See our new CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS PDF. All programs are covered by GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation, WIOA, and Sallie Mae Students Loans.

We focus on protective intelligence, advance work, mission planning and realistic contingencies before moving onto the hard-skills that must be in your tool box. The certificate pipelines are broken down into shorter modules, Medical, Corporate & Celebrity Executive Protection, High Threat Protection protocols, evasive driving, & surveillance detection/TSCM. We also offer GI Bill approved advanced courses designed to prepare students for government contract opportunities such as DDM, WPS prep, Remote Security Operations as well as GI Bill approved international programs to allow students to travel and train in OCONUS locations.  ASK QUESTIONS HERE with absolutely no obligation.


Threat Assessments, Mission Planning, Surveillance Detection, & Advance Work

Threat Assessments, Mission Planning, Surveillance Detection, & Advance Work


  • ***NEW*** Our programs now approved for Student Financing CONTACT US!

  • We provide the most comprehensive and relevant, job-producing training

  • 22 day, 42 day and 53 day pipelines 2018 CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS HERE

  • Post 9/11 GI Bill approved, Vocational Rehabilitation accepted, & Student Loans

  • Training Dates for new GI Bill Approved Certificate Programs 2018 DATES HERE

  • Ongoing recruitment assistance! Our grads work from Iraq to the Silicon Valley




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