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MiraCosta College has hired instructors from SECFOR International to design, deliver and manage high risk protection and trauma medical programs for Veterans, Active Duty, Law Enforcement and Civilian Security Specialists. SECFOR International delivers tactical training,evasive driver training, protection courses, trauma and medical certifications, aviation security, maritime security, including anti-piracy training, to governmental and private entities around the globe. We provide the most comprehensive and realistic courses available anywhere today. Our 35 Day High Threat Protection Specialist Pipeline is our most popular program for veterans currently and prepares students to protect personnel and assets in all threat environments, with varied team configurations, and client types. What sets our training apart is that we only teach current on-the-ground tactics as our instructor staff is currently working in the field of corporate, entertainment, and high threat protection. The 35 day HTPS program takes the student from estate security through celebrity protocols to corporate protection details in all environments. The day-to-day detail procedures and soft skills are reinforced before moving onto high threat skills and TTPs. In mid to late 2017, we are rolling out a new series of 9 advanced and augmentation training courses to further your professional training and career goals. Click on our FAQs link below to view the list of new courses and get other key questions about our courses answered.


Our instructor cadre regularly rotate off of executive protection details in the US, Haiti, Lebanon, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Honduras, Iraq, Afghanistan, all over Europe, and numerous other global locations, and then straight into the classroom. We are continuously making sure we put out non-antiquated tactics and procedures that keep our clients safe worldwide. Many of our instructors come from military backgrounds before transitioning into corporate, high threat or entertainment security. Simply put, they were exactly where you are before moving into the protection field. A more experienced group of government, private and corporate protection specialists would be difficult to find. 

Our focus is on the art of avoidance. Though our videos high-light the hard skills portion of the training which is more visually exciting, your life-line on detail will be your advance work, mission planning and contingencies, and mapping. Our staff pushes the importance realistic threat and risk assessments, detailed mapping, complete planning, usable contingencies, and surveillance detection, which will vary depending on client type, location, area threats, venue type, and specific threats to your team’s profile. Your starting point should be the GI Bill approved 35 day High Threat Protection Specialist course with our GI Bill Approved 7 day Evasive Driving Package (Run back to back) before moving onto our advanced courses. 

How to register for an Executive Protection / TCCC course or just ask questions

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“The training model being executed is normally only seen at very high level courses of instruction reserved for Special Operations from my experience.” 

Curtis F. | 23 years U.S. Army Special Forces – MSG (Ret)

HTPS Pipeline Graduate


New courses for 2017! Read our FAQs page for a list of courses!

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