Training for Veterans, Law Enforcement, & Protection Specialists

GI Bill Approved High Threat Executive Protection & Tactical Medic Courses

We provide training to civilians, active duty/reserve military, veterans, law enforcement, and protection specialists. All of our courses are open enrollment courses and anyone can attend them. Our courses provide Civilians, Military, Law Enforcement & Veterans with the best protection and trauma medic courses available.

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Our courses can be taken individually or grouped together in “Pipelines”. Relevant courses compliment each other and are scheduled back-to-back. Our training pipelines produce highly trained protection specialists suitable for duty in non-permissive environments, or on professional corporate and celebrity protection teams. Veterans with education benefits, see our 35-day GI BILL PROTECTION SPECIALIST PIPELINE. For TCCC Medic certification open to all students SEE OUR UPCOMING 3-DAY TCCC COURSE


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The High Threat Protection Course far exceeded my expectations, especially for a VA funded course. Having completed numerous schools over the span of 23 years in the military, this is far and away one of THE BEST courses I’ve attended. Minimal time in the classroom with maximum time and effort on the range, in the dirt, and in an actual operating environment. This course sets the standard for what all other courses in this industry should strive for. Top notch group of professionals! Each instructor took a sincere interest in sharing their knowledge and experience. I look forward to the opportunity to learn from and work with again in the future

Richard W. – USMC Master Gunnery Sergeant (Ret)

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