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SECFOR International’s Protective Security Training courses
Our 7 week (53-day) Protective Security Course was designed by SECFOR International’s founder and will be up and running again when the COVID restrictions are lifted. Here’s is what you can do in the meantime to develop as professionals. Take some of our online programs (Launching in July 2020) The same theory and route planning skills classes that we deliver in our 7-week Protective Security training school, we are delivering online. See below

SECFOR International’s Courses

  • 7 week (53 day) Protective Security training – 100% At our facility read more
  • Online Protective Security Certificate – 20 self-paced online lessons read more
  • Hybrid Protective Security Certificate – 20 lessons Online + Hands-on read more
  • International Conflict Management – Online & OCONUS Travel  read more
  • Emergency & Tactical Medical Programs – Online theory + Hands-on  read more

“The training model being executed is normally only seen at very high level courses of instruction reserved for Special Operations from my experience.” 

Curtis F. | 23 years U.S. Army Special Forces


Online Executive Protection Courses | 20 total | 1st module Launching before end July, 2020!
When it comes to Protective Security / Executive Protection / Bodyguard training, much of what you will learn during typical resident training programs will be theory in a classroom setting. Protective Security training is as much a mental game as a physical one, and our properly constructed Online Executive Protection courses can teach you a variety of valuable topics that you can utilize in the field immediately. Sign up here for notification as soon as we launch our programs! https://courses.secfor360.com/

Our courses are not just repackaged internet information on blank white screen and a background voice droning on….we do things a little different. Our courses include dynamic elements and video, including our on-the-ground video walk-throughs that show agents going through the planning process in real-world protective environments such as, Beirut, Los Angeles, Ciudad Juárez, and other relevant environments. Here are some of the subjects we will be covering during the upcoming online courses:

  • Executive Protection Introduction
  • Executive Protection Attire
  • Gear and Equipment for domestic and international
  • The Soft-Skills
  • Situational Awareness
  • Medical Emergencies & Trauma Care gear
  • Tactical Casualty Care & Emergency Medical Response
  • Basic Life Support
  • Low Profile, Covert, & High Profile protocols
  • Protective Advances (with Video of complete international advance)
  • Vehicle & Room space Device Search
  • Route Planning and Mapping (Video of real-time route plan build)
  • International Travel Considerations
  • Getting into the industry
  • GPS tracking devices, low and high end
  • Protective Driving Techniques
  • Surveillance Detection (On-the-ground demonstrations)
  • Entertainment Industry protection & Tour Security
  • Corporate Security Protocols
  • Protective Detail A to Z (from start to finish)

The courses will be mobile-phone friendly and self paced. No additional outside books or materials are required to complete the online certificate course. Graduates may attend our resident training programs at a discounted cost upon completion of the online certificate program READ MORE

Once completing our Online Executive Protection Certificate program, students have the option to attend an accelerated hands-on training course. Your initial theory and knowledge training will have already been completed online so NO TIME will be spent in the classroom.

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Our flagship course

Our 7-week (53 Day) Protective Security Certificate

SECFOR International This program is considered the gold standard in protective education and was developed by SECFOR International’s president and founder over a 30-year career in high threat protective operations. More information HERE


“This Tactical medicine course is by far the best I have seen in my 15 years of service in the SEAL teams. The final exercise is as realistic and stressful as I’ve seen in a training environment… and the most knowledgeable instructors in the business”

Josh K | 15 years SEAL Medic/18D

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