SECFOR International's GI Bill Approved PSD & Medic courses

GI Bill Approved High Threat Executive Protection & Tactical Medic Courses

We provide training to civilians, active duty/reserve military, veterans, law enforcement, and protection specialists. All of our courses are open enrollment courses and anyone can attend them. Our courses provide Civilians, Military, Law Enforcement & Veterans with the best protection and trauma medic courses available.

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Our courses can be taken individually or grouped together in “Pipelines”. Relevant courses compliment each other and are scheduled back-to-back. Our training pipelines produce highly trained protection specialists suitable for duty in non-permissive environments, or on professional corporate and celebrity protection teams. Veterans with education benefits, see our 35-day GI BILL PROTECTION SPECIALIST PIPELINE. For TCCC Medic certification open to all students SEE OUR UPCOMING 3-DAY TCCC COURSE


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My following comments are based upon 23 years of U.S. Army Special Forces experience (retired MSG, 18E, 18F, 18Z) and too many schools to list.  As a retiree I have continued to serve in varying capacities for the U.S. Government in service CONUS and OCONUS. I came to this course with an open mind; wanting and willing to broaden my horizons and see what new tactics and techniques are being taught since I originally attended PSD training many years ago.

Protective services is a collective task made up of many implied tasks that an agent must have some degree of competency in. SECFOR International has found a way, in a short period of training days, to encompass nearly all tasks necessary to give an untrained individual an introduction to all facets called upon in order to support a protective detail. As for individuals with some sort of training or experience already in PSD operations, they will find a course that is very comprehensive that will build upon what they already know and expound upon their present capabilities.

SECFOR has a staff of instructors with varying degrees of experience in CONUS and OCONUS PSD operations that ensure they teach you not only “doctrine” is, but what actually works on the ground. They support their instruction with real-time experiences that offer an insight into a rather obscured world surrounded by fiction and movies. They use the approach of crawls, walk, run and apply pressure by analyzing the individual student and push them to draw upon all the tactics, techniques and procedures taught to enure they are as competent as possible considering the short training schedule. All modules of training from Executive Protection to TCCC are encapsulated into your scenarios once you begin HTPS training.

The training model being executed is normally only seen at very high level courses of instruction reserved for Special Operations from my experience.

Please keep up the great work here. What you are doing is important for the industry. I truly appreciate all the hard work all the instructors put into the course behind the scenes putting all this together.

Curtis F.

U.S. Army Special Forces – MSG (Ret)

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