Advanced High Risk Protection

Advanced High Risk Protection | Government & Military PSD Training

This 32 day course will serve as a government & Military PSD training event. Our staff come from recent government contracts in austere environments.

With the downsizing of US troops overseas and the increased threat of terrorism domestically & internationally, US interests are more vulnerable than ever. The vacuum created by reduced US Military presence in certain international regions, has produced the increased need for highly skilled private security contractors worldwide. The Advanced High Risk Protection course is designed to prepare students for positions on government mobile teams, those assigned to Military PSD teams, and other government contracting opportunities. Current U.S. Government protocols are strictly adhered to. 


Students must have EITHER:

  1. Graduated our High Threat Protection Specialist (HTPS) course, and received a recommendation
  2. Or, be current active duty, or activated reserve
  3. Or, qualify for Government PSD programs
  4. Or, be currently on a DOS, DOD, or other government security-related contract.

Before attending, students must certify that they have passed the US Federal Law Enforcement Physical Efficiency Battery (PEB) which can be found here:  Acceptable PEB scores can be found here. Once enrolled, students will receive detailed information regarding physical testing requirements. Students will be tested on Day 1 of the Advanced High Risk Protection course. Past experience and other vetted Military.

  • Personal Security Detail Methodology, Tactics, Procedures
  • Walking Formations
  • Vehicle terminology, formation, and tactics
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • DOS firearms Qualification and Skills
  • Personal Security Specialist (PSS) Medic Skills/Duties Intro
  • Designated Marksman Familiarization & working with DDMs
  • Mission Planning computer lab
  • Satellite Map utilization
  • Force on Force – Close Quarter Skills & Tactics
  • Air Operations – Communications and procedures
  • Motorcade Procedures & formations
  • Department of State Firearms Qualifications
  • Comprehensive Protective Advance preparation
  • Live fire immediate action drills
  • WPS Quick Reaction Force TTPs
  • Department of State Recruitment workshops
  • Government PSD Physical Fitness standards


Successful graduates will have their information, and evals, forwarded to appropriate government recruitment staff upon request. 

Upcoming Courses


Government Contract Requirements

We will provide detailed information to candidates once the course is scheduled. Basic pre-reqs for most government security contractors are:

• 4 Years of Active Duty Military Experience in a Combat Arms MOS
• Must have verifiable hostile environment/combat theater experience for most contracts
• US Citizen 
• US Tourist Passport 
• Valid Driver’s License 
• High school Diploma or GED 
• Honorable Discharge from the Military 
• DD-214 (if applicable) 
• Resume & BIO
• No Felony or Domestic Violence convictions 
• Secret Clearance, TS, or ability to obtain one if sponsored by hiring agency
• Candidates must be in good physical shape, with the ability to pass a physical fitness test. 
• Must-pass firearms quals: Glock 19, M4, Shotgun, M240, M249, M203 and AK47.
• Provide Mobile and Static Security at austere environments 
• Maintain proficiency with all Tactics, Techniques and Procedures associated with the Position 
• Maintain professional demeanor, appearance and attitude 
• Assist in the planning and execution of position responsibilities  
• Willing to Work Seven Days a Week 
• Possible Twelve Hour Days 
• Pass Physical Readiness Test 

This 32 Day course is designed for students that qualify and wish to prepare for U.S. Government PSD positions. The program is also ideal for active military personnel assigned to high threat, OCONUS PSD duties. Our 30 day Remote Security Operations Course is geared more towards special government programs and other government contracting opportunities