Air Travel Threat Mitigation

Air Travel Threat Mitigation Course

This 18-day Air Travel Threat Mitigation course was designed in response to the escalating violence around the world in the recent years. This course is one of the modules that makes up the International Crisis Management certificate. Government Personnel, Members of the U.S. Military, and Executive Security specialists, do not have the opportunity to choose when and where an attack will take place. For protection personnel are concerned with anything that may effect their principal, being trained and prepared in all environments is key. While traveling by air with a principal, the protection specialist has a unique set of challenges should an act of violence occur. The Air Travel Threat Mitigation course addresses these issues and prepares students for such incidents. Combating threats in a linear battle space is a specialized skill which leaves little room for error 35000 feet up. Our ATTM program is the only course that specializes in training protection specialists to address threats and succeed in this type of environment.

Training Time

Each course is 18 Days/144 hours of classroom and hands-on training.  This is a not-for-credit course.

Skill Sets

The purpose of this course is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to become a member of a security manager or protective team member where air travel is imminent

Subjects Include but are not limited to…

  • Training in actual aircraft
  • Air incident case study
  • Confined Space Combatives
  • Restraint Techniques
  • Airplane Position of Dominance
  • Improvised Blast mitigation
  • Aircraft Ballistics
  • De-escalation of force
  • Realities of Structural Compromise and Pressure
  • Improvised restraint methods
  • Protective Agent Carry-On
  • Seating and positional advantage
  • Weapon Disarms – Seated/Standing/Confined Space
  • Lone Agent & Team Tactics
  • Linear Space Live-Fire
  • Target discrimination
  • Crowd Control
  • Force On Force Plane Scenarios
  • Final Testing

Total hours   144 


Students must verify that they have a clean criminal record and nothing in their background that would preclude them from handling firearms.

Training Pipelines


Conflict Management/Negotiator Course – Learn to manage Kidnap for Ransom 

Air Threat Mitigation – Manage threats in the air in the unique linear combat environment

International Security Advisor – Language an culture then transport to an OCONUS location


SECFOR International’s Air Threat Mitigation Training Platform 

Air Threat Mitigation Training Platform
SECFOR International’s Air Threat Mitigation Training Platform adjacent to our live-fire ranges