Our 35-day Pipeline plus 7 day Driving Program is our most popular GI Bill program. Students completing this 42-day combination of courses will earn, the High Threat Protection Specialist Certificate HTPS. See our new certificate and advanced programs: 2018 TRAINING SCHEDULE HERE

2017 | 2018


Sep – Oct HTPS Pipeline

Other/Individual Courses (*Military, Law Enforcement, EMS discounts!)


Nov – Dec HTPS Pipeline

Other/Individual Courses (*Military, Law Enforcement, EMS discounts!)


We have added new certificate programs and advanced programs in 2018. Any courses already attended will count towards our new professional certificates. Each certificate pipeline builds on the next. You may start off with a 22 day Certificate Program, and return when time permits to attend another course and earning a higher level certificate.  2018 COURSE SCHEDULE HERE

Our advanced programs include 28 day Designated Defensive Marksman DDM, 32 day WPS Preparation Programs, 21 day International Security Advisor program which takes place OCONUS (Lebanon, Bosnia, Colombia, Philippines, and other locations) 2018 SCHEDULE

Which route should I take? (Veterans) 


Executive Protection Certificate (EPC)™ – 22 days | 168 hours
This certificate consists of Evasive driving, High Risk First Responder/TCCC and Executive Protection. Doing these three modules will produce a graduate ready for work in the corporate, celebrity and international protection. SIGN UP

High Threat Protection Specialist Certificate (HTPS)™ – 42 days | 320 hours
Formally known as our 35 day HTPS Pipeline plus 7-day driving, we have combined the course to which is now known as the High Threat Protection Specialist Certificate (HTPS)™ This is our most popular with veterans and the driving package sets graduates apart. Many EP positions require a driving package and no other protection school offers a 7-day driving package. SIGN UP

Protective Security Certificate (PSC)™ – 53* days | 440 hours
This will earn the graduate the Protective Security Certificate (PSC)™ and set graduates apart from the rest in the security industry. Few in the industry have received such extensive training and the PSC™ will set you up for success in all protective capacities in any threat environment. After your 53 resident training days, PSC candidates will have to complete *40 hours of online coursework and testing. SIGN UP

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