Certified AT/FP Specialist

The Certified AT/FP Specialist (CAPS) Course is a 15-day static security course that has been approved by the US Department of Veterans Affairs for GI Bill® funding. The CAPS program is ideal for individuals wishing to break into the static security or law enforcement industry by receiving the training and certificates in numerous security and LE and security related subjects, skill sets and equipment. Tuition for this course not only covers the training and equipment but also all state fees including live-scan charges. In addition to the multiple certificates earned during the course, we have included a 4-day Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection module designed and delivered by US Government certified AT/FP program managers and lead instructors. This course is open to military and civilians.

CAPS course topics

  • Multiple BSIS security certificates, Baton, Taser, OC, Handcuffing, CA Guard card, Exposed Weapon…
  • Multi-State Concealed Weapon Permit
  • Case Studies of domestic and international terrorist attacks
  • High Value Estate security for VIPs, Politicians, Celebrities
  • Live-fire ballistics testing. Handgun and rifle rounds vs. Car Doors, Sandbags, Cinder Blocks, etc
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • IED identification and search techniques
  • Protection of US Embassies and Diplomatic Facilities
  • Static Surveillance Detection methods
  • Improvised and commercial barriers and blast mitigation devices
  • VBIED and Suicide Bomber mitigation
  • High Risk Check Point Procedures
  • Active and Passive defense measures
  • Threat Assessments
  • Force Protection plans
  • Dealing with Catastrophic Events
  • Handling mass casualties


Prerequisites: No felonies; No Domestic violence convictions

Location: Carlsbad, California USA

Length of course: 15 days (127 hours)

Dates(Click here for dates)

Cost: $2650 (GI Bill Approved)

Lodging: If lodging is required, we have made arrangements with hotels near the training site. If using Post 9/11 GI Bill, a housing stipend will be available to you. Contact us for details

Gear Required: None, all gear, firearms, ammunition, and other materials are supplied.

Clothing: Casual.

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