We provide high threat protection & medic training to active duty/reserve military, veterans, law enforcement, protection specialists and civilians. Our GI Bill courses provide Veterans with the best protection and trauma medic courses available. We currently offer four GI Bill approved courses that all compliment each other to produce a highly trained protection specialist suitable for duty in non-permissive environments or on professional corporate and celebrity protection teams.

There is no one course that can prepare the protection specialist for all threat environments and principal types which is why our team of experienced instructors have put together a group of courses that go hand-in-hand to give the new or experienced security professional a well rounded education that is unrivaled in the private sector.


This pipeline of four courses is commonly run together with little time off in between to allow participants to take multiple courses during one trip to our training site in Southern California. Though the following courses are GI Bill approved, civilians are welcome to take these courses. This group of courses is the most comprehensive protection program available today. See actual student comments here

19 day – High Threat Protection Specialist (HTPS): GI Bill Approved. The 19-day HTPS course has been designed by instructors protecting personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, Lebanon and other high risk regions. This course includes surveillance detection drills, TCCC-based emergency trauma care. Full description here

15 day – Certified AT/FP Specialist (CAPS):GI Bill Approved We have added a 4-day Anti Terrorism/Force Protection element to our CAPS course which now certifies students in numerous security skill sets but also prepares participants for high risk static, sensitive facility, high value estate, and compound-base security. Full description here

8 day – Executive Protection (EP):GI Bill Approved This 8-day course is designed to instruct students the nuances of celebrity and corporate protection in permissive environments. The protocols of this type of security are unique to the environment and type of client. This course was not designed to repeat information from the HTPS course, but to augment the high threat course. Full description here

6 day – High Risk First Responder (HRFR): GI Bill Approved This 6-day medic course is ideal for anyone working in the protection industry, high risk public safety, security, or working and traveling to dangerous environments where comprehensive medical care may not be immediately available. The course includes, Tactical Combat Casualty Care TCCC certification, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Remote Medicine, Medical Emergencies and advanced labs. Full description here

All of our courses can be customized and delivered anywhere in the US or internationally. Our instructor staff have delivered tactical training, force protection, trauma medical, personal protection courses, anti-kidnapping & hostile environment safety in more than 30 countries. Contact us about training options for your team.

The above video shows students participating in High Threat Protection Specialist Training. Most of the video was captured via cellphone and gives just a 2 minute glimpse of our 19-day HTPS course. The skill-sets developed in this course are relevant in high threat/low profile environments such as, defeating restrains (hand cuffs, flex cuffs, rope, duct tape, 550 cord), tactical trauma care, foreign weapons live fire, mission planning computer labs, etc. Our instructors currently work in high threat areas and developed the course curriculum relevant to the non-permissive environments in which they work. Contact us for more information on private or group training.

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