Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM)

Designated Defensive Marksman | DDM Course

This 28-day DDM course was designed to prepare students to operate as a designated marksman for a high risk protective detail, Law Enforcement SWAT team or Other Government Contract position. The Designated Defensive Marksman must excel at mission plan preparation, provide close, mid, and long range threat observation, tracking, and precision mitigation. This DDM course provides students all the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively support high threat protection details overseas for Government and Military protective operations. The course is also beneficial to local, state and federal law enforcement tactical team members tasked with marksman duties in support of law enforcement operations. This DDM course covers built up areas, high angle marksmanship, limited exposure targeting, decision-making, and long range precision.

Training Time

Each course is 28 Days/224 hours of classroom and hands-on training.  This is a not-for-credit course.

Skill Sets

The purpose of this course is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to become Designated Defensive Marksman.


  • PSS/DDM Equipment Familiarization
  • Ballistics & external effects
  • Current DOS issue Long-guns & Optics
  • DDM Advance Survey Preparation
  • Ascending and descending structures
  • Urban and Rural hide Construction
  • Urban & Rural Land Navigation
  • Alternative Shooting Positions
  • Use maps & aerial photos to plan routes and positions
  • Tactical Reconnaissance
  • Close Target Observation
  • Live Fire Long Rifle Range
  • Final Practical Exercise
  • DDM Defensive Strategies
  • Escape & Evade Techniques
  • International Humanitarian Law


You must already qualify and in the process for an approved government position, or be currently employed by a US Government or Law Enforcement entity, Be employed as a contractor on a USG contract (IE. WPS, OGA etc) or be a graduate of a SECFOR Certificate pipeline that contains a firearms package. 

Performance Objectives to exceed the following:

• One shot engagement of a stationary target out to 800 yards.
• One shot engagement of a moving target out to 600 yards.
• One shot engagement of a moving “stop-and-go” target out to 700 yards.
• One shot engagement of a “bobbing” target out to 800 yards.
• Judging distance to 1,000 yards with +/- 10% error (range estimation)
•  DSS physical fitness test per 3 FAM 1975.1 TEST | STANDARDS