Executive Protection Essentials Course

Executive Protection Essentials EPE | 8-days | $2840 

We’ve added a day and reduced the price! This intensive 8-day/84 hour Executive Protection course was originally designed by SECFOR International for individuals new to the protective industry and US Military & Law Enforcement personnel transitioning out of service and into the civilian domestic executive security & high risk protection industry. The EPE course is one of the most information-packed and relevant short-courses available today. The course is designed and taught by working professionals in the protective industry and it’s curriculum was designed from lessons-learned over years of experience running details domestically & foreign non-permissive environments. You will work day and night in this course and at 84 hours, we have packed the 1 week course with 2 weeks of instruction. EPE FLYER PDF

The 8-day EPE course is comprised of three modules, which can be taken separately:

  • 3-day Executive Protection Operations – $575
  • 2-day Tactical Casualty Care certification (NAEMT) – $450
  • 3-day Protective Security Driving – $2250

When not instructing, our staff work regular assignments in Mexico, Iraq, Haiti, Lebanon, Colombia, West Africa, Bosnia, & other elevated risk areas of the world. In addition, our instructor staff have acted as U.S. Government and Military Special Operations Program Management & instructors before moving into the protection industry working for Fortune 100 Corporations, High Net Worth individuals, Government Personnel, Celebrity clients, and a variety of other executive protection functions. 

The 84 hour EPE course includes the following subjects:

  • Evasive / PSD Driving (3 days of Track Driving! We do not do Parking Lot courses!)
  • TCCC (TECC Emphasis) certification via the NAEMT +
  • Resume, Networking & Recruitment clinic
  • Corporate & Celebrity Protection
  • Nuances of Tech Industry protection
  • Low Profile & Covert Protection Tactics
  • Driver down & Limo Down Immediate Actions
  • Anatomy of a Protective Detail
  • Single agent vs.Team Tactics
  • Walking Formations
  • Attacks On Principal Drills (AOP)
  • Client Evacuation Drills
  • Resume assistance and recruitment workshop
  • Surveillance Detection – Fixed site and Mobile
  • Technical Surveillance Detection Introduction & GPS Tracking
  • Vehicle basics / Team placement / Armored Vehicle Characteristics
  • Route Planning and Mission Plan preparation
  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Terrorist / Kidnapper/ Assassin Methods
  • Protective Advances – Route & Site surveys
  • Proper Etiquette, Protocols & Professionalism
  • Industry outlook – Domestic & International

Our instructor staff are all working protection agents and teach what they use on a daily basis. The student will be walked through the entire process from evaluating threats, to arranging resources, route planning, advance work, briefing your team, and finally through the detail itself, including attack recognition, surveillance detection and attack response.



Prerequisites: No felony convictions. No misdemeanor domestic violence convictions

Location: San Diego & Arizona (Track days. We will transport you)

Upcoming Courses: August 7 – August 14, 2019

Length of course: 8-days/84 hours

Cost: $2840 (Ask us about lodging as this is partially covered by tuition)

Gear Required: Nothing. We have everything covered

Clothing: Casual. You do not need a suit for this course, though we will go over formal EP attire extensively. Jeans, Cargo Pants, or 511 pants are all acceptable. 1 3/4 inch belt or similar, tucked in T-Shirt, Short or Long sleeved button-down over-shirt. Hikers or boots are acceptable footwear for training. For protective details, dark casual dress shoes/socks, appropriate jeans, slacks, long-sleeve button down shirt. Bring a pair of throw-away clothing for medical training scenarios.

You may take the 8 day EPE course modules back to back and save $435, or take modules separately. Select your choice below, and we will see you in training in August!


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