MiraCosta College, a college in Southern California, has hired it’s instructor & program management staff directly from SECFOR International, a firm specializing in high threat protection, tactical training, and austere environment trauma care training & support. MiraCosta’s primary goal is to offer veterans a source to locate quality tactical training courses covered by their GI Bill® benefits for the purposes of securing employment. MiraCosta’s premier course, the 35 day High Threat Protection Specialist Certificate Course, produces graduates trained far above industry standard.

Our instructors currently work in executive protection in the US and on international details in places like Colombia, Lebanon, Mexico, Brazil, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries. Having current instructors that are right off of detail and into the classroom keeps information current and relevant. 

Backgrounds of our instructor staff include:

  • Former Federal Law Enforcement
  • Former Local & State Law Enforcement
  • SEAL medics
  • Retired Army Special Forces
  • Career Corporate Executive Protection Management
  • Army SF Medics/18D
  • Air Force PJs
  • Former French Foreign Legion
  • Celebrity/Entertainment Industry Protection Specialists
  • High Threat Protection Paramedics
  • Flight Medics
  • FMF Corpsman 
  • Former Army Rangers
  • Fortune 100 Corporate Security Specialists
  • MARSOC Instructor cadre
  • WPS Staff
  • Government Contract Protection Team Leaders

Currently the MiraCosta/SECFOR team offers  13 courses covered by GI Bill® benefits. Some of our courses include:

1) High Threat Protection Specialist – 35 days | GI Bill Approved

2) Protective Security Driving – 7 days | GI Bill approved

3) Advanced High Risk Protection / WPS Prep – 32 days | GI Bill Approved

4) Designated Defensive Marksman – 28 days | GI Bill Approved

5) Remote Security Operations – 30 days | GI Bill Approved

6) International Security Advisor – 21 days | GI Bill Approved

7) Air Travel Threat Mitigation – 18 days | GI Bill Approved

8) Lone Protector Course – 21 days | GI Bill Approved

9) Crisis Management Negotiator – 6 days | GI Bill Approved


The best starting point for your protective career is the 35 day HTPS Pipeline plus 7 day driving package. After completing these courses we have a number of advanced and speciality courses.

35 days of Corporate & High Threat Protection plus a 7 day driving package

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