High Threat Executive Protection Skills – 2 day

High Threat Executive Protection Skills (2 days) | All hands-on training!

This faced-paced 16-hour training event is ideal for perspective security agents interested in learning more about the high threat protective skill set, and also be beneficial to veteran executive protection agents looking to sharpen their skills. This is an all-skills training course that literally spends no time in the classroom. All skill levels are welcome!

This intense 2-day program is broken into four blocks of instruction:

DAY 1:

8:30am – 12:30pm: Attack on Principal drills, Walking positions, Protective formations, firearm safety, concealed handgun draws, firearms tactics and strategies (C02 Replicas)

1:30pm – 5:30pm: Tactical Trauma Care. Why, When, and How to apply tourniquets,  chest seals, wound packing, emergency patient moves, securing airways, trauma kit development, trauma scenarios for protective agents

DAY 2:

8:30am – 12:30pm: Physical Interventions, combatives, reception lines, moving through crowds, dealing with paparazzi, pass-offs, disarms, single agent vs. team tactics, attack scenarios

1:30pm – 5:30pm: Vehicle Drills. Getting client(s) in and out of a vehicle, Attack procedures in and around vehicles, Rolling driver down drills, Vehicle down drills, and complex final scenarios encompassing all that you have learned. Graduation


Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Columbia, and Mexico, are just a few areas that our executive protection instructors have operated, and still are providing protective services when not instructing. Only realistic, operationally proven techniques will be passed on to the participants of our courses. These are methods and principles that have worked for our staff throughout their careers, and students are always encouraged to utilize their own experience and improvise when presented by certain challenges during training.


  • Attack on Principal Drills
  • Handgun safety, tactics, and strategies
  • Combatives for protective specialists
  • Driver Down Drills
  • Vehicle Down Drills
  • Tactical Trauma Care and emergency patient moves
  • Client extraction drills
  • Vehicle Tactics
  • Motorcade Formations


Prerequisites: No felony or domestic violence misdemeanors convictions

Location: San Diego County, California USA

Length of course: 2-days (16 hours of training)

Dates: TBD

Cost: $525

Lodging: We recommend 2 hotels near our training site. Both run approx $75 per night. Room sharing is available

Meals: Nearby restaurants or Brown Bag your lunch

Gear Required: Pocket note pad and pen. All other gear is included

Clothing: Casual. This course concentrates on High Threat-Low Profile operations. Jeans, Cargo Pants, or 511 pants are all acceptable. 1 3/4 inch belt or similar, tucked in T-Shirt, Short or Long sleeved over-shirt for concealed handgun training. Hikers or boots are acceptable footwear. No need for camouflage clothing or combat boots.