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Now 42 days | Executive Protection Specialist – High Threat Certificate (EPS/HT)™

Executive Protection Specialist – High Threat Certificate (EPS/HT)™ 

The EPS/HT package starts off with the staples of Executive Protection, Driving, Medical, Advance Work, and soft skills before adding high threat skills designed to prepare students for all threat environments. This 42 day program can be taken in one go, or broken up by module and spread out over a period of time, and is ideal for veterans with Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits. This pipeline of four courses is commonly run together with only 1 day off in between courses, in order for participants to attend multiple courses during one trip. If you are not able to take all courses together, you can break the courses up by module! SIGN UP HERE


The GI Bill Approved 42-day EPS/HT certificate consists of the four following modules:

  • 7 day – Protective Security Driving Add driving to the pipeline!! Description HERE
  • 6 day – High Risk First Responder / TCCC Medic. Individual module description HERE
  • 8 Day – Corporate & Celebrity Executive Protection. Individual module description HERE
  • 19 day – High Threat Protection. Individual module description HERE

These modules have been grouped together to produce a highly skilled protection specialist. One registration and GI Bill Application will register you for the entire 42 day pipeline. All firearms, Ammunition, and other course materials are included and paid for by your Post 9/11 GI Bill®.This combination of courses prepares the participant to work as a protection specialist in any environment and consists of four of our top course modules run back-to-back with only one day off in between.

Module 1 – Protective Security Driving – 7 days

The 7-day driving program starts off the 42-day HTPS Pipeline. On & off road, unimproved road, NVG driving in blackout conditions, push-outs, advanced reverse clinic, vehicle recovery, accident avoidance & decision making scenarios at escalating speeds. Our driving module alone is longer than most full executive protection programs being run today. Instructors have trained intelligence agencies, special operations, and other government program protective details and teach from experience. 

Module 2 – High Risk First Responder/TCCC Medic – 6 days

We begin the pipeline with our 6-day High Risk First Responder/TCCC Medic Course where participants receive their Tactical Combat Casualty Care certification, CPR for Professional Rescuer certificate, and practice on Tissue and Cadaver labs to perfect interventions beyond the capabilities of any plastic medical manikin. Once completing CPR for Professional Rescuer we cover “The best of EMT” which includes cardiac emergencies, strokes, severe allergic reactions before undergoing our version of Tactical Combat Casualty Care which is the medics choice as the most comprehensive and realistic TCCC course available. We finish off the 6-day medic course this with difficult complex medical scenarios in smoke filled buildings and other difficult mass-casualty scenarios that even experienced combat medics find challenging.

Module 3 – Corporate & Celebrity Executive Protection – 8 days

After only one day off, we move onto our 8-day Corporate & Celebrity Executive Protection Course which brings soft skills such as logistics, expense reports, after action & daily activity reports, and concentrates primarily on one to three person protection details in celebrity or corporate settings in permissive and non-permissive environments. It is during this module where students learn to build mission plans at our state-of-the-art computer labs. The final 2 days of this module take the students to Los Angeles, California to pick up principals from LAX international airport and onto business meetings, red carpet events, and other venues to challenge the students over a 24 hour period.

Module 4 – High Threat Protection – 19 days

And finally, the pipeline finishes with our 19-day High Threat Protection Course where all skills already learned are put to the test while new skills are learned and incorporated into exceedingly complex scenarios that will challenge even experience combat veterans and seasoned protection professionals. We do not meet, but we EXCEED State Department WPS standards in TCCC medical, Mission Planning, Firearms qualifications, and more. Though our curriculum is geared towards private high threat/low profile operations, many of the skill sets are parallel to Military & Civilian PSD and WPS operations.

Participants will be expected to plan entire details, advance their routes, venues, safe-zones, medical facilities, prepare complete mission plans in our state-of-the-art computer labs, design contingencies for all what-ifs, and run the details. While on detail you will be provided opportunities to validate training received in surveillance detection, route planning, and other emergency contingencies. Your first group of details will be conducted the first week of the 35 day HTPS Pipeline and again half way through this course in order to provide students with full multimedia debriefs of any exploitation or successes while on detail. This provides participants time to work on opportunities before the final set of details at the end of the 35 day pipeline.

Our goal is to produce a graduate who will not only succeed at the WPS training, but also be prepared to run details outside the State Department-WPS bubble, which is less than 2% of the work out there. Private, high-threat corporate, celebrity, journalists, humanitarian and other low profile details, comprise of more than 98% of the protection positions globally. Click the “ENROLL NOW” button below to sign up for the pipeline plus driving or to just ask questions.


Course Location:

Carlsbad, California in San Diego County


For Post 9/11 GI Bill users….The VA will not only pay your tuition but a housing stipend (BAH) as well!

Course Cost:

Post 9/11 GI Bill & VA’s Vocational Rehab pay 100% of our course including firearms rental and ammunition.  


You may drive to our training sites in and around San Diego or, if you come in from out of the area, we will pick you up from the airport and transport you from the hotel to training daily and back to the airport once training is complete.

Gear and Equipment:

We provide all firearms, holsters, pouches, ammunition, medical gear, tac lights etc. Bring a pair of throw-away clothes for medical scenarios (we may put holes in the throw-aways) Daily uniforms is what you have seen in our training videos (real students going through training) Jeans, Cargo pants, 511s of similar. Tucked in tee-shirt, and a short of long sleeve button down shirt to conceal a handgun.

Your Next Step….?: 

Click on anything that says “Sign Up” or “Enroll” and we will contact you with the details of registration. There is no obligation and your GI Bill is not effected until you are sitting in our classroom on Day 1! ASK QUESTIONS HERE or click the “Enroll” button below.

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