Executive Protection Training

 12 day Executive Protection Training | Tucson, Arizona | $5250

Executive Protection Training

SECFOR International’s executive protection courses will teach students domestic and high risk international TTPs & protocols, Medic, and live fire training drills, packed into an intense high-paced format. This courses prepares students to work high threat details and celebrity/corporate principals both in permissive and non-permissive environments. Firearms rental and ammunition are always included in the tuition. Discounted lodging is available if coming from outside of San Diego. The three modules can be taken separately or together for a complete protective package. REGISTER HERE

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Our Executive Protection Training courses combine 3 modules

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care provider certification (NAEMT): 2 days of Combat medic techniques from experienced high threat environment medical professionals with years of experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Bosnia and other non-permissive environments. Cadaver labs, Ballistic labs and fully moulaged patients highlight this one of a kind trauma care program previously available to military units only. 
  • Executive Protection Tactics: 3 days of EP tactics. Your instructors have worked, and still work, in non-permissive environments from Azerbaijan, Beirut, Mexico, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other dangerous regions of the world. Both high threat as well as executive & celebrity protective details will be covered in this intense work-up. Trauma Medical skills learned in the TCCC module will be integrated into client evacuations, driver down drills and other high risk protective procedures. Mission planning is also an integral part of this module.
  • Firearms for Protective Personnel: 3 days Handgun safety & marksmanship are stressed before moving onto intermediate live fire drills under the supervision of our experienced firearms and protective instructors. All skills learned thus far will come together in a series of complex scenarios that combine trauma medical, client extractions, foreign weapons, vehicle down, & other stressful drills. All dynamic live-fire iterations are conducted with a 1:1 Instructor-Student ratio.
  • Driving Package: 3 Days of solid driving on our full 1.2 mile track and skid pads. 
  • Final Skills testing: 1 day of intense final skills testing

More Executive Protection Course Features:

Mission Planning Computer Lab:
We may be the only Executive Protection / Bodyguard Training provider that gets our students into state of the art computer labs and teach the art of mission/route planning. This skill is crucial to your success in the protection industry and our mission planning lab rivals that of the state department’s WPS academy. Planning your detail from any computer and setting up a successful advance will greatly increase client and team safety once on the ground.

Driver- Down Drills:
Though our first line of defense on detail in avoiding a problem through proper planning and solid contingencies, you need to have those hard-skills in your back pocket if you plan to work high threat details. You are leading a team in a high-risk environment and your security driver becomes incapacitated. With your driver out of commission and your vehicle is out of control, YOU have to take back control of the vehicle from the passenger or back seat. You will learn how to correctly take control quickly during our hands on high-risk vehicle drills.

Live-fire Vehicle Down Drills:
If you work high threat regions like our staff does, you know the value of practicing immediate action drills for all the what-if scenarios that may likely occur. Example…Your two-vehicle motorcade comes under attack, the client vehicle is damaged badly and unable to roll out of the kill zone. Your team must suppress fire, get your client and team out of the downed vehicle, into the good vehicle, and off the X asap!

Mexico Protective Operations module:
This three hour section of the course details the threats, mitigation and employment possibilities in this challenging environment. This market is currently booming and is a great model for high-risk / low profile environments. Our instructors have regularly worked low profile details in Mexico since 2007 and have put this course together based on our ongoing experience south of the border.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certification:
Our TCCC course is a simplified trauma care system taught to combat troops to handle serious wounds encountered during hostile encounters. These are the simple life-saving techniques you were not taught in your EMT of First Aid course. Learn what combat medics do to keep patients alive in hostile environments and how these same interventions apply to protective teams. We also cover what trauma gear you should have on your person at all times and what 3 life-saving items you can fit into your pocket on detail.


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