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Our hybrid protective Security Certificate combines Online Theory and In-person hard skills

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Our online courses can be taken all by themselves or combined with in-person driving, firearms, medical and emergency actions. These courses are perfect for newcomers to the protection industry, or for experienced practitioners that would like to try out our courses without a huge financial commitment or to augment training you have already had. Our programs would also benefit those transitioning into Executive Protection that would like to get a jump on some knowledge and skills that will add to other training. Below are some of our online course offerings. 
  • Route Mapping for Protection Professionals – Read More
  • Kidnap & Ransom Introduction – Read more
  • The 4 Ps of protective Medicine – Read More
  • Protective Advance Types – Read More
We have launched our first course, and will be releasing new courses every few weeks. Put your email in the box below and be notified as soon as the courses launch. Even if you do not purchase our paid courses, you may access our free material when it is available, just by entering your email below.
Our new Hybrid course combines online theory and a 12 day hard-skills training module which includes 2 medical certificates, a protective driving course and firearms package. 

    • Online Theory
    • 12-day Hard Skills
    • CPE/AED Adult/Child/Infant
    • Protective Driving Certificate
    • Firearms Package
    • TCCC Certificate (NAEMT)
    • Live fire Immediate Actions
    • Combined Skills Finals

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