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We have more than 20 programs currently. Our certificate programs are designed to put graduates far ahead of the average industry professional. We deliver complete Executive Protection Programs ranging from 3 days to 8 weeks. We have tuition assistance and financing available. If you see a course below that is not yet on our calendar, let us know you are interested and we will add it to our 2019 line-up. We will be adding courses to our 2019 schedule tto the end of the year.


Protective Security Certificate (PSC)™ – 53* days | 410 hours | San Diego
The PSC program is the favorite with veterans and the most complete protection package in the industry. The Protective Security Certificate pipeline encompasses all of our Executive Protection, High Threat Protection, and Medical Certificates. The PSC certificate course is the new gold standard in protective education and if there was a PHD in protective education, this would be it. This pipeline of 5 course modules will earn the graduate the Protective Security Certificate (PSC)™ and set graduates apart from the rest in the security industry. Few in the industry have received such extensive training and the PSC will set you up for success in all protective capacities in any threat environment.  During your 53 resident training, PSC candidates will be tested extensively throughout the program to ensure high standards are met and that all course graduates will be prepared for the industry. 

  • Module 1 – Driving Package – 7 days
  • Module 2 – High Risk First Responder/TCCC Cert – 6 days
  • Module 3 – Corporate & Celebrity Executive Protection – 8 days
  • Module 4 – High Threat Protection – 19 days
  • Module 5 – Surveillance Detection/TSCM – 10 days

We deliver the 53-day PSC pipeline 4 times per year. The training modules (seen above) may be taken together in the standard 53-day package, or separately over a period of up to 24 months. Students taking modules separately will still receive the exact same Protective Security Certificate. Tuition Assistance, Scholarships and Financing Available! READ MORE

Online Executive Protection Courses

When it comes to Executive Protection / Bodyguard training, much of what you will learn during typical resident training programs will be theory in a classroom setting. Executive Protection / Bodyguard training is as much a mental game as a physical one, and SECFOR’s properly constructed Online Executive Protection courses can teach you a variety of valuable topics that you can utilize in the field immediately.

Our courses are not just repackaged internet information on blank white screen and a background voice droning on….we at SECFOR do things a little different. Our courses include dynamic elements and video, including our on-the-ground video walk-throughs that show agents going through the planning process in real-world protective environments such as, Beirut, Los Angeles, Ciudad Juárez, and other relevant environments.  No additional outside books or materials are required to complete the online certificate course. Graduates may attend our resident training programs at a discounted cost upon completion of the online certificate program READ MORE

Executive Protection Essentials (EPE)™ – 7 days/84 hours | $3550 | Tucson, AZ | Lodging Included 

We have packed 2 weeks of training into a 7-day period. Learn to work a variety of principals in low, Medium, High Threat environments from instructors currently working in all threat environments. We are bringing back this course due to popular demand. We understand that many protection professionals do not have the time to attend our 8 week PSC academy but still require top level training. The Executive Protection Essentials program is the package for you. We cover the realistic day-to-day grind that we as EP agents must deal with, as well as extreme situations and immediate actions. All instructors are current protection professionals working a number of different types of details in the US and OCONUS, including regular details with corporate CEO’s and celebrity clients into Mexico, Colombia, Lebanon, and many other challenging environments. This course is ideal for individuals new to the industry and those in Law Enforcement and Military that are adding to their skill set or transitioning into this new rewarding career.

This 7 day course includes the following:

  • 84 hours of training!
  • Lodging, Meals, Airport transfer included
  • Evasive Driving
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care certificate (NAEMT)
  • Advance Work & Mission Planning
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Immediate Actions

We only have 2 EPE courses scheduled for 2019. We will add more on interest, so let us know! READ MORE

Executive Protection Intro (EP-I)™ – 3 days/24 hours | $495 | San Diego, California

For those who are looking to see what Executive Protection is all about, this 3-day program is packed full of practical information and explains what we actually do from intelligence gathering to threat and risk assessments, to mission planning/mapping, through the advance process, and all the way through the detail and final reporting. We will go over current job outlook and the differences in detail types and covert, low profile, and high profile details. 

This 3 day course includes the following:

  • Protective Details from A to Z (From the field)
  • Advance Work
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Mission Planning & Mapping
  • Practical Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Protective Medicine and IFAK considerations
  • Covert, Low Pro, and High Profile Postures
  • Vehicle Protocols
  • Immediate Actions

CONTACT US and let us know if you are interested in this course!

In-Flight Emergency | 1 day/6-8 hours | $750* | Orange County, California

Discounts for SLED (Security, Law Enforcement, Defense) professionals, and former SECFOR Students. As protectors, we are always looking for contingencies to potential hazards or issues. While traveling on private or commercial aircraft with our principals, we have to put our faith in the pilot(s) in hopes that nothing catastrophic will take place. With the availability of professional pilot flight simulators, SECFOR has developed a course to mitigate an in-flight emergency by teaching course participants to land commercial jets…. READ MORE

Protective Security Driving | 3 days | $2150 | San Diego

This 3-day Protective Security Driving package is the the perfect compliment to our 3-day EP program. Our professional instructors will take you through vehicle dynamics, Braking and Steering techniques, Skid Control, Accident Avoidance, Off-Road Recoveries, and Reverse driving, before moving into security driving. You will drive day and night in this course and learn from instructors that have been driving in high-risk areas for 20 years as well as former NASCAR and Off-Road racers that teach students to dominate their vehicles. We also offer a 7-day PSD Driving program.

This 3-day driving course includes: 

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Accident Avoidance
  • High & Low Profile PSD driving
  • Reverse Driving
  • Skid Control & Off-road Recovery
  • Protective Support Driving
  • Low Light/Night Driving

The 3 day driving program compliment our existing executive protection and trauma medical programs. For more information CONTACT US

Crisis Management/Negotiator  | 6 days | Open Enrollment

Security managers, consultants and executive management must deal with the unfortunate reality of Kidnap and Ransom, Extortion, Terrorism (KRET™) and other criminal scenarios if their staff works in high threat regions of the world. Proper understanding of insurance support, mitigation strategies, preparation, avoidance and correct reaction, can be life-saving. Your instructors, Mike Clayton, and Victor Bazan, have years of experience in federal and private hostage and K&R negotiation.  READ MORE

High Risk Driving | 7 days | Military/Government Only

This Government-Only high risk driving package includes Standard Road, Unimproved road, & off-road driving. High & Low Profile movements, NVG (Black-out) driving, linear ramming-techniques (Forward and Reverse), advanced reverse clinics, manual transmission, improvised field  maintenance, theater-specific vehicle commandeering, on and off-road high speed driving as well as other custom course features specific to your teams mission and operating environment. 

This 7-day driving course includes: 

  • Extensive Accident Avoidance Training
  • High & Low Profile movements
  • Convoy and Motorcade Tactics
  • Asphalt, Unimproved & Off Road
  • Night Vision Goggle (Black-out)Driving 
  • Contact & Counter-contact
  • Advanced Reverse Driving
  • Skid Control & Off-road recovery
  • PIT and Counter PIT
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Advanced Vehicle Control
  • Manual Transmission driving
  • Region Specific Vehicle Commandeering

For more information CONTACT US or call SECFOR International: 888.279.1911

2-day Tactical Emergency Casualty Care certificate (NAEMT)

An abbreviated version of our TCCC cert below. This certificate is issued by the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, NAEMT. CEUs available to EMTs and up. Despite the certificate title, the course focuses on severe trauma in hazardous conditions anywhere, not just the battlefield. Mass casualty incidents, active shooter, or any severe trauma where you must act quickly. CONTACT US

4-day Tactical Combat Casualty Care certificate (NAEMT)

This certificate is issued by the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, NAEMT. CEUs available to EMTs and up. Despite the certificate title, the course focuses on severe trauma in hazardous conditions anywhere, not just the battlefield. Mass casualty incidents, active shooter, or any severe trauma where you must act quickly. READ MORE

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