High Threat Executive Protection, Security and Tactical Medic Courses


Initial training to enter the Corporate, Government, and NGO protective industry 


High Threat Protection Specialist Certificate – 35 days (We are adding our 7-day Driving Course for a 42 day Package!) 

Favorite with Veterans… This GI Bill Approved pipeline of three courses (soon to be four, with addition of our 7-day driving course) are the perfect combination of training for students planning on working Corporate, Celebrity, and government-level protection work. A diverse cadre of Corporate and High Threat Security Specialists have developed this combination of courses to prepare the students to work as a protection specialist in any environment and consists of three (now 4) of our top course modules run back-to-back with only one day off in between.  Our goal is to produce a graduate who will not only succeed at the Government level security (WPS and Other Government Contracts), but also be prepared to run details outside the US State Department/Government bubble, which is less than only 2% of the work out there. Private high-threat, corporate, celebrity, humanitarian, and other low profile details comprise of more than 98% of the protection positions globally. The courses that make up the 35 Day (soon 42 day) HTPS Pipeline are shown below and may be taken separately. Full description of the HTPS pipeline can be found HERE The modules that make up the 35 day High Threat Protection Specialist Certificate are:

This HTPS training pipeline is ideal for veterans looking to break into the corporate or government security industry. You will perfect the soft skills before moving onto the worst case scenario hard-skills portion of the training. From conducting threat assessments and route planning in our state-of-the-art computer labs, to live-fire vehicle drills and everything in between….This is the most extensive, complete and realistic course you can attend on the subject of protection hard-skills, medical, driving, mission planning and the soft-skills that prepare students to work in all security environments in order to perfect the art of avoidance but also react to violent attack. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS


6-Day High Risk First Responder/TCCC Medic module – (Module 1 of the HTPS Pipeline)

We begin the pipeline with our 6-day High Risk First Responder/TCCC Medic Course where participants receive their Tactical Combat Casualty Care certification, CPR for Professional Rescuer certificate, and practice on Tissue and Cadaver labs to perfect interventions beyond the capabilities of any plastic medical manikin. Once completing CPR for Professional Rescuer we cover “The best of EMT” which includes cardiac emergencies, strokes, severe allergic reactions before undergoing our version of Tactical Combat Casualty Care which is the medics choice as the most comprehensive and realistic TCCC course available. We finish off the 6-day medic course this with difficult complex medical scenarios in smoke filled buildings and other difficult mass-casualty and Active Shooter scenarios that even experienced combat medics find challenging. Additional Info: Red Cross CPR for Professional Rescuer or the AHA CPR for Healthcare Providers is the minimum you will need to move onto EMT courses. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

8-Day Corporate & Celebrity Executive Protection module – (Module 2 of the HTPS Pipeline)

After only one day off, we move onto our 8-day Corporate & Celebrity Executive Protection Course which brings soft skills such as logistics, expense reports, after action & daily activity reports,threat assessments, and concentrates primarily on one to three person protection details in celebrity or corporate settings, both permissive and non-permissive environments. It is during this module where students learn to build mission plans at our state-of-the-art computer labs. The final 2 days of this module take the students to Los Angeles, California to pick up principals from LAX international airport and onto business meetings, red carpet events, and other venues to challenge the students over a 24 hour period. 

This is the first of three full protective details you will complete during the 35 day HTPS pipeline, and lays the foundation for the rest of the course as well as being the most realistic detail run in ANY executive protection or PSD course. Our competitors may say we are heavy on the hard skills and ignore the administrative part of protection work. This is far from the truth. Compared to our competitors who make these false claims, we spend more time on advance work, mission planning, contingencies, mapping, and on full details then these other companies. We also stress expense tracking, daily activity reports, after action reports, and soft skill protocols that are common to all day-to-day protection details, high or low threat.  SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

19-Day High Threat Protection module – (Module 3 of the HTPS Pipeline)

And finally, the pipeline finishes with our 19-day High Threat Protection Course where all skills already learned are put to the test while new skills are learned and incorporated into exceedingly complex scenarios that will challenge even experience combat veterans and seasoned protection professionals. We do not meet, but we EXCEED State Department WPS standards in TCCC medical, Mission Planning, Firearms qualifications, and more. Though our curriculum is geared towards private high threat/low profile operations, many of the skill sets are parallel to Military & Civilian PSD and WPS operations.

Participants will be expected to plan entire details, advance their routes, venues, safe-zones, medical facilities, prepare complete mission plans in our state-of-the-art computer labs, design contingencies for all what-ifs, and run the details. While on detail you will be provided opportunities to validate training received in surveillance detection, route planning, and other emergency contingencies. Your first group of details will be conducted the first week of the 35 day HTPS Pipeline and again half way through this course in order to provide students with full multimedia debriefs of any exploitation or successes while on detail. This provides participants time to work on opportunities before the final set of details at the end of the 35 day pipeline. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

7-Day Protective Security Driving – (Module 4 of the HTPS Pipeline) ***1rst Course after May-June, 2017 Pipeline!***

Including on and off road driving, accident avoidance, Night Vision Goggle driving in black-out conditions, PIT and Counter PIT, push-throughs forward and reverse, and a one-of-a-kind reverse clinic. Our staff has been through all the main civilian and government driving courses, and in many cases taught driving to special operations and other government unit personnel. We have taken what we have learned through-out our operational and teaching careers and made a more relevant and usable program that produces a professional security driver unlike any other program. You may attend this course as a stand-alone course, or with the above Pipeline. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS


Additional Advanced & Speciality Courses


4-Day TCCC Certification Course (Emergency Trauma Medicine)

This is hands down the best TCCC course available today which is why it is a favorite with US Special Operations, Local and Federal Law Enforcement. This course is already included in the above 42 Day Pipeline, but may be taken separately. LE, EMS, and Military Discounts available. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

10-Day Surveillance Detection/Counter Surveillance | Gi Bill Approved

The most up-to-date technical surveillance & countermeasure course, taught by current government-level experts. Specialized training for security specialists going into corporate and government sectors. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

18-Day Air Travel Threat Mitigation | Gi Bill Approved

Your EP job doesn’t stop just because you are traveling by air. We use an actual jet airline as a training platform. One of our most intense courses available will prepare you for today’s unfortunate reality of potential criminal terrorists attempting to disrupt conventional air travel or use planes as weapons. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

32-Day Advanced High Risk Protection | Gi Bill Approved

This is our WPS prep course. All current protocols are followed strictly. We surpass all current WPS PT and firearms quals. With a 40% fail rate at the WPS academy, it pays to be prepared. Instructors are just off WPS contracts to give you the current info you need to succeed. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

30-Day Remote Area Security Operations | Gi Bill Approved

This course concentrates on small, low profile, government, NGO, or private security teams working in austere, remote environments. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

28-Day Designated Defensive Marksman | Gi Bill Approved

Providing over-watch to government level protective efforts. We surpass the WPS long-gun qualification course and our instructor staff are all experienced protective & military sniper instructors.  SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

6-Day Crisis Management Negotiator | Gi Bill Approved

Taught by actual Kidnap & Ransom Negotiators, and security teams that provide recovery investigations services to the same. There are no formal courses that teach this unique skill. Hostage negotiation is different than K & R Negotiation in many different ways. Learn from those actually doing the job. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

21-Day Lone Protector Course | Gi Bill Approved

You may have learned team tactics, now you are on your own. What changes..? Everything…Our instructors are regularly working lone details in challenging environments for corporate, celebrity and government clients, will clearly demonstrate the dynamics of going at it alone. Detailed threat assessments and advance packages will be conducted before performing a solo protective detail in an extremely challenging environment.  You will not only come out of this course with a wealth of knowledge but also with a properly cut suit specifically tailored and reinforced for executive protection, as well as a completely reworked resume and bio.  SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

21-Day International Security Advisor | Gi Bill Approved

2 weeks of language, cultural training, pre-advance work, mapping, regional familiarization & mission planning, before heading to an international location for the final week of the course. Once on the ground, course participants will complete full advances before completing a protective mission, while immersing yourself into local language, culture and receiving regional security briefings by local SMEs. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

15-Day Certified AT/FP Specialist | Gi Bill Approved

California BSIS Security Certificates including Guard Card, California Exposed Firearm Permit, Baton, Taser, OC, Handcuffing. SIGN UP OR ASK QUESTIONS

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Maritime Security | Anti-Piracy Course

Numerous internationally recognized maritime certificates including SECFOR’s custom maritime threat mitigation module. ASK QUESTIONS

Public Safety & Security Diver

Taking students up to an advanced diver certification then through the Public Safety Diver Certification, before moving onto specialized security diver training ASK QUESTIONS

Advanced Tactical Medic | PSS Medic

EMT and Advanced EMT Certifications in addition to austere medical skills suitable for government contractors. Current EMTs will be able to begin the course after EMT certifications. Military medics will have the opportunity to complete abbreviated versions of the EMT curriculum as the NREMT allows. More to follow. ASK QUESTIONS


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