Maritime Security Anti-Piracy Training | GI Bill Approved

GI Bill Approved (pending) Maritime Security Anti-Piracy training course (MSAP)

We are the only organization that provides a complete Maritime Security/Anti-Piracy program that includes numerous ISPS approved certificates and other training relevant to maritime security and anti-piracy operations. With maritime kidnappings at a 10 year high, commercial ships and private yachts are seeking qualified security specialists in the maritime environment. Some subjects and certificates are listed below:

  • Basic Maritime Training Certification
  • Able Seaman Certificate
  • Maritime Navigation Certificate
  • Ship VHS radio operation
  • Anti Collision Certificate
  • Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties Certificate
  • Vessel Security Officer Certificate
  • Radar Operation and Utilization Certificate
  • Maritime firearms training and US Navy/MSC firearms Qualification and Certificate
  • Anti-Piracy Response Procedures
  • Maritime Emergency Response Team Training
  • Anti-kidnapping in Maritime Environments
  • Realistic final drills & scenarios afloat
  • Obtaining your TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Credential) Card

The MSAP course was developed by US Government and international Maritime Anti-Terrorist/Force Protection and Anti-Piracy experts. The MSAP course provides numerous internationally recognized certificates and necessary training to produce a complete Anti-Piracy Security Agent. This is the most complete Maritime Security Anti-Piracy course available.

Length: 32 Days

Location: San Diego California, USA

Cost: $11975 USD (GI Bill Approval Pending)

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Maritime Security Anti-Piracy GI Bill Approved

The Maritime Security Anti-Piracy (MSAP) course is the most comprehensive training available


Public Safety | Security Diver (Gi Bill Approval pending)

We are currently developing a security diving program bringing the student up to an advanced SCUBA level certificate as well as the Public Safety Diver CErtification. Security diver instruction will include searching the hull, pier and the port inspection process. This program is currently under development and will be offered as an add-on to the MSAP program. Sign up for our newsletter (to the right) and receive notifications of new course offerings. 
  • Advanced SCUBA Certification
  • Public Safety Diver Certification
  • Hull inspection training and practical
  • Pier inspection training and practical
  • Port area security assessment training and practical
  • Security Diver theory and practical

Our maritime security programs are the most complete and comprehensive courses available on the subject. All training takes place in San Diego, California.


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