Maritime Security Anti-Piracy Training | GI Bill Approved

GI Bill Approved Maritime Security Anti-Piracy training course (MSAP)

We are the only organization that provides a complete Maritime Security/Anti-Piracy program that includes numerous ISPS approved certificates and other training relevant to maritime security and anti-piracy operations. Some subjects and certificates are listed below:

  • Basic Maritime Training Certification
  • Able Seaman Certificate
  • Maritime Navigation Certificate
  • VHS radio operation
  • Anti Collision Certificate
  • Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties Certificate
  • Vessel Security Officer Certificate
  • Radar Operation and utilization Certificate
  • Maritime firearms training and US Navy/MSC firearms Qualification and Certificate
  • Anti-piracy Training
  • Maritime Emergency Response Team Training
  • Realistic afloat final drills & scenarios
  • Obtaining your TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Credential) Card

The MSAP course was developed by US Government and international Maritime Anti-Terrorist/Force Protection and Anti-Piracy experts. The MSAP course provides numerous internationally recognized certificates and necessary training to produce a complete Anti-Piracy Security Agent. This is the most complete Maritime Security Anti-Piracy course available.

Length: 32 Days

Location: San Diego California, USA

Cost: $11975 USD (GI Bill Approval Pending)

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Maritime Security Anti-Piracy GI Bill Approved

The Maritime Security Anti-Piracy (MSAP) course is the most comprehensive training available


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