GI Bill Security Driving Courses

Evasive | Protection | Anti-Terrorist Driving Courses

Our 7-day Gi Bill Approved, Protective Security Driving package is the most comprehensive program available and provides the most hands-on driving available. Standard Road, Unimproved road, High & Low Profile PSD driving, NVG (Black-out) driving, Ramming-techniques, advanced reverse clinics, and other features make this course the most complete driver training outside of certain US Government units!  SIGN UP NOW

We recently added our 7-day Evasive, Executive Protection and Anti-Terrorist Driving program to our GI Bill line up. This 7-day course includes: 

  • Extensive Accident Avoidance Training
  • High & Low Profile PSD driving
  • On & Unimproved Road
  • Night Vision Goggle (Black-out)Driving 
  • Ram-Throughs
  • Advanced Reverse Driving
  • PIT and Counter PIT
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Protective Support Driving
  • Advanced Reverse Clinic
  • Advanced Vehicle Control
  • Vehicular Attack Case Studies

Our Driving Programs

The 7-day driving programs compliment our existing High Threat Programs and Individual Anti-Terrorism Programs designed to prepare Active Military, U.S. Government Personnel, Other Government Contractors, Civilian Security Professionals, and Veterans using their GI Bill Funding/Vocational rehabilitation funding to train for CONUS & OCONUS high risk protection assignments. Custom programs are available. We will attach a 7-day Driving package onto all 35 day High threat Protection Specialist courses (42 total days) to produce the most complete training program available. 


Secfor International Iraq

Learn from those who actually drive in high threat environments (SECFOR Staff)

Our staff currently works in non-permissive environments regularly. We work, and have worked, on a variety of high and low profile protective details. We will separate the fact and fiction that many driving programs do not have the experience to delineate. Our training is available to security specialists, government personnel and active duty military.   

Check our training calendar HERE and sign up today.

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