GI Bill Security Driving Courses

Evasive | Protection | Anti-Terrorist Driving Courses

Our 7-day Protective Security Driving package is the most comprehensive program available and provides the most hands-on driving available. Standard Road, Unimproved, Off-road, NVG driving, Ram-throughs, advanced reverse driving clinics and other features make this course the most   !  SIGN UP NOW

We recently added Evasive, Executive Protection and Anti-Terrorist Driving Programs to our course line up. Until we have our driving courses entered into the VA database we will be running 3-day courses at a discount rate to former protection & medic students, military and law enforcement as well as civilian security specialists. In developing the driving courses we had certain criteria that we deemed mandatory:

  1. It had to be a TRACK course, not  “PARKING LOT” course

    Parking Lot driving courses are much like Executive Protection “Hotel Courses” They are very restrictive, lack infrastructure, and the students do not receive the full-scope training that they are paying for. Driving courses run in parking lots may provide certain useful drills but no professional driver would ever restrict their training to parking lots or cordoned off sections of an airfield.

  2. No CHECK BOX training

    Students learn differently. There is no one size fits all. Students should conduct certain drills until the drill is second nature and not until a go/no-go box is checked on a form. For some students, this may be 5 runs at a particular drill, for others this may be 25 runs at the drill. The check-box approach may not produce the best driver. We have found that with personal attention and by setting goals and standards designed for each individual student we can provide the most benefit to our course participants.

  3. Our INSTRUCTOR staff

    Our instructors to be a mix of professional race car drivers who understand vehicle dynamics as a profession, former Special Operations personnel who have had to use high threat driving in a variety of environments, and current High Threat Protection personnel utilizing the same techniques OCONUS between teaching assignments. Knowing what is needed in any training environment is based on operational experience.

  4. On site LODGING & MEALS provided

    Because appropriate  track locations are few and far between, we wanted to make sure students were not burdened hotel bookings, meals, etc. All of our driving training course costs, INCLUDE lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the nearest airport.

  5. CURRENT High Threat Scenarios

    How can your protection and/evasive driving training be relevant without current information from the field? Course developers should be currently working, and driving, in high threat regions of the world. All training is dynamic and changing constantly. Locking down one training format and sticking with the same course for years is not benefiting trainees preparing for ever changing threat environments.

  6. ON & OFF ROAD training possibilities

    P.I.T. / Counter P.I.T. maneuvers, and other contact driving. Skid Pans, Unimproved surface, off-road, and vehicle recovery operations. Rally techniques for high speed evasive off-road driving for operators working in underdeveloped regions needed to be available.

  7. On Site LIVE FIRE Ranges (Vehicle Accessible)

    Combining vehicle and live fire exercises for our advanced courses was a requirement and crucial to preparing armed protective agents and active duty military and government personnel preparing for high risk overseas duty. Our training programs combine evasive driving with trauma medicine, SERE, combatives and a variety of dynamic live fire scenarios. Combining all training was must and should be for any serious student.


    We have multiple driving programs from 3 to 7 days. The driving programs compliment our existing High Threat Programs and Individual Anti-Terrorism Programs designed to prepare Active Military, U.S. Government Personnel, Civilian Security Professionals,  and Veterans using their GI Bill Funding/Vocational rehabilitation funding to train for CONUS & OCONUS high risk protection assignments. Custom programs are available

    ***Our GI Bill Approved Driving courses will be put on the training calendar early next year. We are currently running special deals on open enrollment classes monthly until the GI Bill courses are scheduled. CONTACT US for more information.

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