• Post 9/11 GI Bill® – Montgomery GI Bill can be changed to Post 9/11 GIB on
  • Vocational Rehabilitation – Contact the VA to see if you qualify CLICK HERE and select, “How To Apply”
  • Workforce Investment Act – WIOA Check with your state!  CLICK HERE
  • We currently do not accept FAFSA, Student loans or any other financial loan programs
  • SIGN UP HERE and receive our detailed Registration Email BEFORE you apply for the GI Bill. 

To attend one of our GI Bill® approved courses, your first step SIGN UP HERE for one, or more, of our programs. Once you receive the registration email from us, you will have all the information to APPLY FOR GI BILL BENEFITS HERE This can be done online and usually requires about 30 minutes of time and your DD 214. If you are still active, you will not need your DD 214. This could take anywhere between 2 and 8 weeks to get your “Eligibility Letter” The letter is what we require for payment. In some cases, students have applied for veteran benefits and were able to capture a screenshot of their benefits online, before they received the actual letter, this is acceptable and may be quicker than waiting for the actual hard copy.

If you have already used your GI Bill® benefits, you must transfer your benefits to our school: TRANSFER BENEFITS HERE Once you are signed into your account, select form “22-1995”, fill it out and submit.

The school name to use in the GI Bill® process is:

MiraCosta College Community Education & Workforce Development <—-(You must write it this way on your GI Bill® Applications)

2075 Las Palmas Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92011

Type of Program: Other College or University including online courses

Program Name: “High Threat Protection Specialist” if you are planning on attending any of our pipeline courses

Program Name Alternative: If attending another program outside of the HTPS Pipeline, just provide the program name SEE LINK HERE

The program name to use on the GI Bill® application should be the name of the first course you are attending with us. All other courses will be covered even if you are taking multiple courses or a “pipeline” of courses.



If you have ANY questions about applying for new GI Bill® benefits (VA form 22-1990), transferring your benefits you have already used to our school (VA form 22-1995), or changing your benefits from Montgomery to Post 9/11 , call the GI Bill® specialist here: 1 (855)-574-7286




1) NEVER USED GI BILL BENEFITS BEFORE: If you are finished with your active service and have not yet used your benefits, it may take between 2 – 8 weeks to get your Letter of Eligibility so please apply asap. If you call the VA 2 weeks after you apply, this may speed up the process. Sign up for new benefits HERE

2) ALREADY USED MY BENEFITS OR AM USING THEM CURRENTLY: If you have used your benefits already, you will need to transfer your benefits to our institution by submitting the VA Form 22-1995 online HERE This is a fast process.

3) ACTIVE DUTY: If you are still active, you can still use your benefits by going to the above VA benefits website, applying for GI Bill benefits, and submitting VA Form 22-1990 online here

4) MONTGOMERY GI BILL: If you have MGB benefits, you will need to switch to Post 9/11 GI Bill.This is a simple process that is done through the link HERE

5) VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION: CLICK HERE and select “How to apply” You will be assigned a counselor that will help you decide which program would benefit you best



Only courses that have participated in a lengthy approval process by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and actually received an approval code, are allowed to accept your GI Bill® funding. These schools and courses that have been approved will then be listed on the US Department of Veterans Affairs official website. If a school and/or course is not on this website, it cannot honor your GI Bill veteran benefits. Please do your research carefully.


Then click on: “PROGRAMS

And finally click on: “NON COLLEGE DEGREE

You will then see a list of MiraCosta CE WD courses approved for GI Bill® funding, including all 13 of our security, protection, and medical courses.

Contact us to enroll in an upcoming course or with any questions | Phone: 888.270.1911