New Courses


Our online programs can be found HERE

Online Training
These programs are completed entirely on your own laptop, tablet, PC, Mac, or in some cases, smartphone. You may attend these online courses from anywhere in the world. All you will need is an internet connection. Some examples of our online programs are Individual Courses. These courses are typically specialty subjects that the student can benefit professionally by just taking that 1 course. Examples of individual courses would be Route Mapping for Protection Professionals and Kidnap & Ransom Introduction.We are also launching Full Programs. An example of this type is our 20-lesson online Protective Security Certificate program which will include all of the individual courses. These full programs cover all of the theory we deliver in our in-person training academies. After the 20 instructional lessons, students will complete 5 additional modules containing scenarios and testing with 360 video and virtual reality technology.

In-Person Training
You come to our training facilities in the US for all of your classroom theory and hands-on training. An example of one of our in-person training courses is our 7-week Protective Security training school. The 5 modules that make up this program are

  • Corporate & Celebrity Protection – 8 days
  • Surveillance Detection/TSCM – 10 days
  • High Risk First Responder – 6 days
  • Protective Security Driving – 7 days
  • High threat Protection -19 days

SECFOR has been running this course for years and it is the most complete protection program available.

Hybrid Courses
This type of training combines Online Theory and In-person skills training. For example, our hybrid Protective Security program begins with the 20-lesson online program, and once the online coursework is complete, the student may choose from one of our 12-day (140 hr) in-person hard skill sessions. This is the most economical way to complete all of the required training to begin, or enhance your executive protection career.

Other hybrid training programs SECFOR360 will be launching this year are:

International Conflict Management
This course begins with online emergency language, culture, regional security and conflict management training and once completed, there is a 7 day in-person training session in an overseas location. Some of the locations we will conduct the in-person training are:

  • Lebanon
  • Haiti
  • Mexico
  • Colombia

This course is designed to familiarize protection agents with the realities and nuances of a variety of international locations. 

Emergency & Tactical Medical Hybrid courses
All of our medical training programs have theory portions that we can accomplish online before students come to one of our training centers to practice and test on the skills portions. Some of our hybrid medical training courses include
  • TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)
  • Emergency Medical response
By conducting all of the theory portion of this training online it greatly reduces to overall cost to the students and allows them to learn the theory at a pace that is comfortable to them before coming to our facility to practice and test your skills.