High Threat Executive Protection Introduction

Introduction to High Threat Executive Protection

This  1-day information-packed course is the ideal starting point for those wishing to break into the protection business or for veteran executive protection agents looking to expand their knowledge base. The course is designed and taught by working professionals in the protective industry and it’s curriculum was designed from lessons-learned over years of experience running details in high-risk areas. Though this is a classroom-only session, each lesson is designed to deliver information that can be implemented into your details immediately. If you are considering a career in the executive protection field, this course is a must to provide you with the principles that will benefit you throughout your career.

When not instructing, our staff work regular assignments in Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, Beirut, Africa, Bosnia, & other elevated risk areas of the world. In addition, our instructor staff have acted as U.S. Government and Military Special Operations Program Management & instructors on courses relating to High-Risk Personal Security Details,  Force Protection, Anti-Terrorism, Tactical Firearms, Security Driving, Unarmed Combat, Combat Trauma Care, and other related subjects.

The 1-day course includes the following subjects:

  • Principles of Protection
  • Anatomy of a Protective Detail
  • Mexico Protective Operations
  • Avoidance, Mitigation, and Response to the Kidnap threat in Mexico
  • Tactical Medical Considerations and gear
  • Surveillance Detection – Fixed site and Mobile
  • Vehicle basics / Team placement / Armored Vehicle Characteristics
  • Route Planning and Mission Package preparation
  • Hostile Environment Security Driving tricks of the trade
  • Terrorist / Kidnapper/ Assassin Methods & Vulnerabilities
  • Security Advances – Route & Site surveys
  • Proper Etiquette, Protocols, Professionalism and Complacency
  • Domestic & International details considerations
  • Getting work in the industry

Our instructor staff are all working protection agents and teach what they use on a daily basis. The student will be walked through the entire process from evaluating threats, to arranging resources, route planning, advance work, briefing your team, and finally through the detail itself, including attack recognition, planning to avoid, surveillance detection and attack response.


Prerequisites: none

Location: San Diego County, California USA

Length of course: Nationwide

Dates: Training Calendar Here

Cost: $125**

Lodging: If needed, we’ve made arrangements with several hotels near the classroom/training site. The hotel rate is approximately $70/night for a single or double. Click ENROLL below for registration info

Meals: Quick-serve restaurants close

Gear Required: Note-taking materials

Clothing: Casual.


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