High Threat Protection course

The High Threat Protection (HTP) Course is a 19-day, protective specialist course that has been approved by the US Department of Veterans Affairs for GI Bill funding. This course is the final phase of the 35 Day High Threat Protection Specialist Certificate

The HTP course bridges the gap between conventional domestic protective operations and war-zone PSD work. The 19-day HTP course will provide the training, knowledge, and skill sets, to be a proficient protective team leader/member in all threat areas by focusing on one of the most challenging protective environments, the High Threat-Low Profile area of operations.

Protecting a journalist in Beirut, a business executive in Mexico, or a humanitarian visiting a dangerous region in Africa, are all examples of High threat–Low Profile environments you may find yourself assigned to. As an American citizen working a private protective detail on foreign soil, you may be working alone or in a very small team, will generally not be allowed to carry firearms, and will have to arrange all of your own local resources. These limitations highlight the need for a high level of training in specific protective skill-sets. These are the types of protective details our HTPS staff have been working for years and the skills that will be taught during the HTPS course are what have keep their clients and team members safe in non-permissive environments globally.

Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico, are just a few areas HTPS instructors have operated, and still are providing protective services when not instructing. Only realistic, operationally proven techniques will be passed on to the participants of the HTPS course. These are methods and principles that have worked for our staff throughout their careers, and students are always encouraged to utilize their own experience and improvise when presented by certain challenges during training.


  • Handgun shooting package
  • Live Fire immediate action drills
  • Full protective details
  • Combatives for protective specialists
  • Driver Down Drills
  • Live fire Vehicle Down Drills
  • Tactical Casualty Care
  • Computer labs for Mission Package preparation
  • Practical Surveillance Detection Drills
  • Live fire client extraction drills
  • Force on Force protective scenarios
  • Practical Advance Work
  • Foreign Weapons live fire
  • Live Fire Battlefield Pick-up Drills
  • Unlawful Detention Module (Defeat a variety of restraints)
  • Vehicle Tactics, Reverse Clinic, Unlawful Check Point procedures
  • Site, Route, Threat, & Risk Assessments
  • Mexico Protective Operations tactics & procedures
  • Recruitment Assistance


Prerequisites: 8 day Executive Protection Course and 6-day Medic course 

Location: San Diego County, California USA

Length of course: 19 days


Cost: $6875 (GI Bill Approved) All equipment, firearms, ammunition and course materials included!

Lodging: We’ve made arrangements for a discounted rate with hotel near the training site. The VA will provide a housing stipend in most cases to reimburse you for lodging. Contact us for details. All details are provided upon signing up.

Transportation: Pick up and drop off to and from the San Diego International Airport is provided, as is all transport to and from the hotel and training evolutions.

Gear Required: None, All gear, firearms, ammunition, and other materials are supplied. Personal items that would be helpful are: A Multi-tool, a headlamp, rain gear, pocket notebook, full-size notebook, pens, cell phone.

Clothing: Casual. This course concentrates on High Threat-Low Profile operations. You do not need a suit for this course. Appropriate training attire would include, jeans / 511 style trousers with a 1 3/4 in belt  / cargo pants, T-shirt with long or short sleeved over-shirt, 3/4 waterproof hikers or similar, Baseball-style cap. More information provided upon course enrollment.

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