In-Flight Emergency

Land commercial aircraft | 1-day | $750* | Southern California

This unique 1-day/6-8 hours course was developed by SECFOR in response to the one place public safety, military, and protection personnel are quite often vulnerable…during air transportation. Professional full-sized flight simulators are used to train commercial pilots as an economical, yet realistic, method to improve their skills. These professional flight simulators are now available to SECFOR students for the purposes of developing emergency landing skills. 

SECFOR’s In-Flight Emergency program will educate participants on the basics of piloting various types of aircraft then rotates the group through the Boeing 737 simulator, Gulfstream Jets & Commercial Helicopter simulation and flight theory. At the conclusion of the training program, participants will be comfortable communicating with air traffic control, familiar with modern commercial aircraft controls, and able to take control of the aircraft for the purposes of landing safely. 

Some course highlights include:

  • State-of-the-art professional 737 flight simulator 
  • Thousands of airports to “fly in” to
  • Weather and time of day are programmable
  • Ground school boot-camp
  • Gulfstream Jet flight Simulation (Common VIP aircraft)
  • Commercial Helicopter Virtual Reality simulator
  • In-flight security basics

This course concept was initially developed for protection personnel that travel extensively with their principals, but would be beneficial to public safety, military, government personnel, and anyone that appreciates covering all contingencies when it comes to an in-flight emergency.  



Prerequisites: 18 years of age

Location: Southern California

Upcoming Courses: January 21, 2019

Length of course: 1-day / 6-8 hours

Cost: $750 | *695 for Public Safety, Military/Gov. Verified Security personnel, Former SECFOR Students

Lodging: We will send with registration information

Meals: Snacks & water provided only

Gear Required: none

Clothing: Casual, Clean


Actual view from cockpit on final approach