International Crisis Management

This one-of-a-kind certificate program is a 100% GI Bill Approved international crisis management course that was developed by experienced international crisis managers, negotiators, and security professionals that have spent their careers traveling to foreign lands and dealing with a variety of challenges from covert protection details to Kidnap for Ransom negotiations.  The ICM certificate program broken down into 3 modules:

International Crisis Management modules

6-Day Crisis Management Negotiator | Gi Bill Approved

Taught by working Kidnap & Ransom Crisis Negotiators, and security teams that provide recovery investigations, money drops and other crisis management support services to the same. The program begins by taking participants through crisis management case development and resolution which includes actual case studies that your instructors have worked in Mexico, Nigeria, the Middle East, Haiti, and other high risk areas of the world. ICM instructors will guide course participants through the building of case files as well as proven negotiation techniques focusing on kidnapped personnel overseas. We will cover setting up your NOC (Negotiation Operations Center) and how to work with TPIs (Third Party Intermediaries) and translators.  There are no formal courses that teach this unique skill. Hostage negotiation is different than K & R Negotiation in many different ways. Understanding the step-by-step process of setting up a case, proven negotiation strategies, delivering funds as well as locating and picking up victims. Learn from those actually doing the job.

18-Day Air Travel Threat Mitigation | Gi Bill Approved

Your EP job doesn’t stop just because you are traveling by air. We use an actual jet airline as a training platform. One of our most intense courses available will prepare you for today’s unfortunate reality of potential criminal terrorists attempting to disrupt conventional air travel or use planes as weapons. Combatives in confined linear environments, blast mitigation, improvised restraints, disarms and firearms in an aviation environment are some of the skills this course offers. The hard skills learned here will serve in all environment, not just aircraft. Instructors are former Air marshal instructor cadre, combatives experts, and former special operations personnel that are aviation security SMEs. 

21-Day International Security Advisor | Gi Bill Approved

The first 2 weeks of the ISA module includes emergency language, cultural training, pre-advance work, mapping, regional familiarization & mission planning, before heading to an international location for the final week and a half of the course. Once on the ground, course participants will complete full advances before completing a protective mission, and conflict management scenarios while immersing yourself into local language, culture and receiving regular regional security briefings by local SMEs. International locations course participants may travel to during the ISA module are Beirut-Lebanon, Caracas-Venezuela, Bogota-Colombia, Manila-Philippines, Cd. Juarez-Mexico, Sarajevo-Bosnia, Port Au Prince-Haiti, and other locations. 

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Prerequisites: Clean Criminal Background, Stable Psychological Profile, No record of substance abuse, Valid Passport with 6 months remaining at time of travel portion of ICM program

Location: Carlsbad California & OCONUS locations (Lebanon, Colombia, Haiti, Philippines, etc)

Awards: ICM Certificate, Plaque, & Challenge Coin (Specific to you area of training operations)


2019 ICM Schedule (select one)

International Crisis Management / Mar 06 - Apr 21, 2019
International Crisis Management / Aug 28 - Oct 13, 2019

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