Kidnap Ransom Extortion Terrorism Negotiator K.R.E.T.

Kidnap and Ransom Negotiator Course
SECFOR International’s K & R Negotiator course

Kidnap for Ransom, Extortion and Terrorist kidnappings are on the rise in many regions of the world. Negotiators trained to deal with these situations are in demand and there is very little training available, aside from online courses, or courses based on open-source information, that anyone can access with an internet connection. This course is one of the modules that makes up the International Conflict Management certificate.

MiraCosta’s instructors were hired from SECFOR International’s Conflict Management Negotiator staff. The course provides professional negotiators with their K.R.E.T.™ certificate delivered by working negotiators with hundreds of cases successfully resolved. Whether working for an insurance firm as a K & R consultant, a government agency, as a high risk environment protection specialist, or security consultant, this one-of-a-kind course will go beyond law enforcement hostage negotiators course and provide little know information regarding kidnap for ransom cases in Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, Venezuela. Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Syria, the Philippines, and other regions plagued by this horrific crime.

Security managers, consultants and executive management must deal with the unfortunate reality of Kidnap and Ransom, Extortion, Terrorism (KRET™) and other criminal scenarios if their staff works in high threat regions of the world. Understanding mitigation strategies, preparation, avoidance and correct reaction can be life-saving. Your instructors, Mike Clayton, and Victor Bazan, have years of experience in federal and private hostage and K&R negotiation. 

Crisis Management/Negotiator Course includes:

  • Global Overview
  • Case Studies
  • Staff preparation & contingency planning
  • Personnel & vehicle tracking technologies
  • KRET™ Negotiation process
  • Extortion mitigation & resolution
  • Political vs. Ransom Kidnapping
  • The physiology of negotiations
  • KRET™ Negotiations & Insurance Companies
  • Money drop protocols
  • Victim Escape & Recovery options
  • Table-top drills based on actual cases
  • Realistic 24 hour field exercises based on actual cases

Lead Instructors are experienced KRET™ Negotiators and have been employed as negotiators for US Federal Law Enforcement, Insurance Firms and Private consultancies for more than 30 years specializing in Kidnap & Ransom negotiations and crisis management of the same.

Who Should Attend

Security personnel, Risk Managers, Human Resources Staff, Health Safety & Environment Personnel, Executives and other management personnel responsible for facilitating travel safety and the well-being of staff outside the borders of the USA.


Clean Criminal Background; Instructor approval

Course Length:

Each course is 6 Days/48 hours of classroom and hands-on training. UPCOMING COURSES


Multiple locations in and around San Diego County, California USA

Program Cost:

$2550 USD