Lone Protector Course

 Lone Protector Course – Gi Bill Approved

This 21-day course was designed to prepare students for lone agent protection details in all threat environments, focusing on corporate security details. Extensive threat and risk assessments are emphasized but soft and hard skills are both covered. Most Executive Protection Courses and all High Threat Protection courses focus on multiple agent tactics. As a lone protector, all facets of security lies on one individual, and traditional team tactics may now be obsolete. Training in this aspect of security work is important as many government agencies, corporations, entertainers, and other VIPs that travel to risky areas, are now including security services in their budget due to the ever-changing threats around the world. Whether it’s medical emergencies, threat mitigation, vehicle tactics or advance work, the lone protector must deal with these issues differently than relying on the team dynamic. The instructors have spent considerable time running lone protective details for corporate and government clients. This course extensively covers the key elements of executive protection training including:

  • Corporate Protocols & Etiquette
  • Complete Resume Overhaul
  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Technical Surveillance & Countermeasures
  • Interview Workshops
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Stalker Investigations
  • Handshake Lines, Autograph Sessions, Red Carpet & Special Events
  • Evasive Driving
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Trauma medical 
  • Firearms Package
  • Professionally tailored suit is included
  • Complete Resume and Bio package included

Training Time

Each course is 21 Days/168 hours of classroom and hands-on training.  This is a not-for-credit course.

Skill Sets

The purpose of this course is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively act as a lone protector in all threat environments, focusing on corporate security.  All team EP skills and tasks have been modified to single agent details.

Prerequisites: Students must verify that they have a clean criminal record and nothing in their background that would preclude them from handling firearms.