Mexico Executive Protection

What is Mexico Executive Protection?

SECFOR International has provided risk mitigation, protective services and kidnap & ransom case management for years. For Mexico Executive Protective Services, contact us at +1.619.273.3934 or at We have been providing Executive Protection, Armed and unarmed bodyguard services and secured transportation in Mexico for 15 years and cover all of Mexico including but not limited to:

  • Security Services in Tijuana, Mexico
  • Security Services in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Security Services in Moterrey, Mexico
  • Security Services in Ciudad Juárez
  • Security Services in Cancun, Mexico
  • Security Services in Tulum, Mexico
  • Security Services in Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Security Services in Ensenada, Mexico
  • Security Services in Culiacan, Mexico
  • Security Services in Puebla, Mexico
  • Security Services in Querétaro, Mexico
  • Security Services in Leon, Mexico

Armored vehicles available in most parts of Mexico. Contact SECFOR International for more information.

Phone: +1.619.273.3934


Executive Protection Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico | Photo by SECFOR International

Experience counts when providing Executive Protection & Transportation Security in Mexico

For more than 15  years SECFOR International has been providing Executive Protection services in all parts of Mexico and Latin America. Security in Mexico is vastly different than other Executive Protection work we have provides in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Most US Executive Protection or Bodyguard firms, farm their work out to a local Mexico Security firm, sometimes with no regard of the training and reputation of the subcontracted firm. SECFOR only utilizes in-house protection specialists that have been vetted and trained by us.

Why is providing Executive Protection in Mexico unique?

The threats to your client types will vary based on the type of principal and location of protection detail. Recent attacks in music venues and also the recent attack on the US Consulate employee in Guadalajara highlight the fact that unpredictable violence is a reality in this region. Many US Firms do not appreciate the complexities of providing executive protection services in Mexico and surrounding companies. Their is a local savvy that security operators gain after years of working exclusively in mexico that is crucial to ensuring success. Kidnapping occur regularly in many parts of Mexico but do not make the US News for political reasons. Training and vetting our own in-house Mexico Executive Protection Specialists in the specific planning, contingencies and skill sets that actually work in Mexico is what sets our agents apart, as well as our experience and reputation in the region.  

Mexico Protective Operations consultation and keynote speaker

Our Mexico Protection programs are delivered by working professionals from SECFOR international. During our consultation, participants will not just receive an introduction to each topic, but be expected to demonstrate topic understanding and competency in the Mexico operational environment. 

Some topics include:

  • Mexico Risk mitigation
  • Mexico Specific Executive Protection Tactics
  • Immediate Action Drills (IADs)
  • Kidnap & Ransom Case Management
  • The basics of working in Mexico
  • Attacks On Principal Drills(AOP)
  • Team & Client Briefing
  • Kidnap Methods and mitigation in Mexico
  • Physical Intervention for security
  • Protective Intelligence in Mexico
  • Surveillance Detection – Fixed site and Mobile
  • Mexico-specific Security Driving Tactics
  • Security Driving in Mexico
  • Arrivals & Departures
  • Countering Attacks on Motorcade
  • Vehicle down, & “driver-down” drills
  • Practical Protective Advances
  • Survival Spanish Language & Culture
  • Maquiladora security operations
  • Mission Package Preparation
  • Three full protective missions in Mexico
  • Kidnapper| Cartel TTPs & case studies
  • After Action Report preparation
  • Legalities of working in Mexico
  • Liability | Human Rights | International Law
  • Proper Etiquette & Protocols

“Working Executive Protection in Mexico” online seminar 

Mexico is a unique and challenging environment to provide protective services. Many believe that their experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Military, or corporate security positions may have prepared them for a Mexico posting but, we have found that Mexico is unlike any other environment our experienced staff has worked in. Other high threat working environments may develop certain skill sets that are pertinent to Mexico operations, though the specific threat in this part of Latin America is very unique and may be different than anywhere you may have worked in the past. Learn from our staff as they come off of details in Tijuana, Juarez, Mexicali, and Monterrey.

Some key points specific to Mexico Operations includes:

  • Why Mexico is a unique operating environment for Executive Protection Specialists
  • Legalities of working security in Mexico | Licensing | Visas
  • What companies are working here and what they look for in new agents (Resume/CV Building)
  • Different types of details you are likely to encounter in Mexico
  • Kidnap & Ransom Case Management & Insurance
  • Realities of the violence in Mexico | Difference in Northern & Southern Mexico
  • The kidnap threat and current methods
  • Life saving driving tactics operationally proven on the streets of Mexico
  • The firearms question | Who can be armed & how does this affect the expat protection specialist
  • Working with local security forces | The pros and cons
  • Local law enforcement | A double edged sword
  • Communications | Local Mobile phones | US & foreign carriers | Nextel | Black boxes
  • GPS Tracking | Vehicle | Personal tracking devices| The Chip
  • Medical | Local capabilities | What medical training, and gear,you should have before working in Mexico
  • Intelligence | What is reliable and what isn’t | What you’re not being told, CAN hurt you
  • Mission Package preparation | What is it and why you must have it
  • Surveillance Detection Techniques specific to Mexico | How they will watch you & what you can do
  • Recovery Investigations (Kidnap & Ransom support)
  • Real-world examples of kidnap attempts, hostile surveillance & probes, straight from our field agents

This information is not available anywhere else and is an educational opportunity for those interested in security operations in Mexico. This seminar is also valuable to executives, law enforcement professionals, or anyone that may travel to Mexico for business or recreation. Private course sessions are also available for one-on-one instruction.