Protective Security Certificate PSC™

The 8 week PSC program is the new gold standard! 

The GI Bill Approved Protective Security Certification is the most comprehensive protection program available, and may be conducted over an 8-week period or broken up over a 24 month period. If there was a PHD in protective programs, the PSC pipeline would be it. A graduate of the PSC program has passed rigorous training protocols and has proven their capability under realistic and challenging conditions. The Protective Security Certification verifies that the holder possesses specialized training and knowledge not readily available or easily achieved, and that said PSC holder has proven their mastery of the key capabilities required for successful protective operations in all threat environments.

What will I get upon successful completion of the PSC Program…?

  • Custom Plaque showing your name, PSC class number & accomplishment
  • Protective Security Certificate (PSC) – Serial numbered
  • Letter of achievement detailing skills competencies
  • Executive Protection Certificate (EPC)
  • Executive Protection Specialist – High Threat Certificate (EPS/HT)
  • CPR/AED For Professional Rescuer Card via The American Red Cross
  • Tactical Trauma Care (TCCC)Provider Certificate via the NAEMT
  • High Risk First Responder Certificate
  • Corporate & Celebrity Protection Certificate
  • PSD Driver Course Certificate
  • Surveillance Detection/TSCM Certificate
  • Two T-shirts with your PSC class number
  • Two PSC Certified Short sleeved polo
  • One PSC certified baseball-style cap
  • Two PSC lapel pins

The Protective Security Certification pipeline consists of 6 modules, which include:

PSD Driving Package | 7 days | Module 1
Our 7-day GI Bill Approved, Protective Security Driving package is the most comprehensive program of it’s kind, and provides an extreme hands-on driving experience. Asphalt, Unimproved road, High & Low Profile PSD driving, Vehicle Dynamics, Advanced Skid control, NVG (Black-out) driving, Ramming-techniques, PIT & Counter PIT, Advanced Reverse Clinics, Attack on Motorcade response, are just some of the features that make this course the most complete driver training available. We would not settle for a parking-lot course and instead train on a 1.2 mile track with a variety of surfaces, cut-outs, and cross roads. After 2 days of vehicle dynamics, skid control, steering, braking, accident avoidance and other drills designed to teach students to dominate a variety of vehicles, we move into PSD driving, Motorcade formations, immediate actions and contact drills until the adrenaline-charged final day of testing. 

High Risk First Responder | 6 days | Module 2
Quality medical training is mandatory for protectors. In this 6-day block of instruction participants will earn their Adult, Child & Infant CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer (American Red Cross), Be trained in recognizing and responding to Medical Emergencies (Cardiac, Stroke, Allergic Reactions, Environmental Injuries), and receive their Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) provider certification through the NAEMT. This TCCC certification is considered the best in the business and is has been praised by special operations personnel, military medics and the NAEMT’s military medic of the year. Your medical training will not stop here as these skills will resurface later in the pipeline, and be combined with other skills such as live fire evacuations and other protective scenarios.

Executive Protection | 8 days | Module 3
This course covers the day-to-day job duties of an EP agent, and includes mission planning, threat & risk assessment, route mapping, daily activity reporting, after action reports, expense tracking, basics of moving with a client, 3 different types of protective advances, in & out of vehicles, restaurants, office spaces, public events, entertainment venues, handshake lines, autograph signings, & stage work. The course finishes off with a full overnight detail in Los Angeles where course participants will conduct a detail that you cannot discern from an actual detail. Tracking your principal’s flight, pick ups at Los Angeles International Airport and working your client through multiple venues and back to the hotel where you will work your principal overnight. 

High Threat Protection | 19 days | Module 4
This module bridges the gap between conventional domestic protective operations and war-zone PSD work. The 19-day HTP module will provide the training, knowledge, and hard skills, to act as proficient protective team leader/member in all threat areas by focusing on one of the most challenging protective scenarios, High Threat-Low Profile operations. Combat-Marksmanship, Live-fire Immediate Actions, Foreign Weapons training, Unlawful detention, UTM/MGRS Grid Coordinates, Practical Surveillance Detection, CQC with a principal, Combatives for protective agents, Driver-Down, Live fire Vehicle down and 2 additional full details complete with detail mapping, advance work, and working with surveillance detection assets during the detail. All of the soft skills, medical and other protocols from earlier modules com into play all the way through the module culminating in an intense final week of testing and evaluation.

Surveillance Detection/Counter Surveillance/TSCM | 10 days | Module 5
During this 10-day module students will learn numerous techniques to detect, track, and defeat surveillance through trade-craft and top of the line electronic detection devices. Detecting surveillance is the front line defense in protecting diplomats, government officials, Corporate CEOs and other high value principals.  Protection specialists rarely receive complete, realistic training in this skill will add value to any security detail, corporate or government. Picking up where we left off in the HTP module surveillance detection leaves off, students will now complete dedicated surveillance missions, build threat boards to track surveillance while simultaneously learning electronic countermeasures, GPS detection, bug sweeps, and phone line analysis utilizing top of the line TSCM equipment at your client’s lavish estates in the area. 

Online Coursework/Testing/Validation | 40 hours | Module 6
After completing modules 1-5 above, students are invited to complete this 6th and final module in their PSC certification. Successful completion of this final 40 hours of online coursework and testing can be done from your home town, or anywhere you have computer access with an internet connection. Additional theory will be delivered regarding threat and risk assessments, advance work, liability, international human rights, professionalism etiquette, and mission package preparation. With this additional information, PSC candidates will be tasked with various assignments to validate much of the training they have completed over the 7 weeks of resident training. Once all tasks are completed satisfactorily, the PSC candidate will be directed to their final written test at an official testing center near them. Upon passing the final testing, graduates join the ranks of a select few that would not settle for second best. 


2018-2019 PSC Schedule (select one)

Protective Security Certificate / Jul 05 - Aug 26, 2019

Protective Security Certificate / Jul 12 - Sep 02, 2019

Protective Security Certificate / Oct 04 - Nov 25, 2019

Protective Security Certificate / Oct 11 - Dec 02, 2019

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