Protective Security Certificate

The 53-day/410 hour PSC program is the new gold standard! 

The Protective Security Certificate™ is the most comprehensive protection program available this 5-module, 7-week program is proprietary to SECFOR International. If there was a PHD in protective programs, the PSC pipeline would be it. A graduate of the PSC program has passed rigorous training protocols and has proven their capability under realistic and challenging conditions. The Protective Security Certificate verifies that the graduate possesses specialized training and knowledge not readily available or easily achieved, and that said PSC holder has proven their mastery of the key capabilities required for successful protective operations in all threat environments. In class recruitment and ongoing recruitment assistance is available.

Below are just a few of the companies that hire SECFOR’s Protective Security Certificate graduates. Many of the above firms come into the classroom to recruit directly. 

  • SECFOR International
  • Constellis (WPS & OGA)
  • Garda World
  • Janus
  • AS Solution
  • J Blair Group
  • Black Box Security
  • SOC (OGA)
  • Eagle Eye International Protection
  • and others

What will I get upon successful completion of the PSC Program…?

  • Custom Plaque showing your name, PSC class number & accomplishment
  • Protective Security Certificate (PSC) – Serial numbered
  • Letter of training Verification
  • Emergency Medical Response certificate
  • Basic Life Support/CPR/AED for Healthcare Professionals
  • Tactical Trauma Care (TCCC) Provider Certificate via the NAEMT
  • High Risk First Responder Certificate
  • Corporate & Celebrity Protection Certificate
  • Protective Driving Course Certificate
  • High threat Protection Certificate
  • Surveillance Detection/TSCM Certificate

SECFOR International’s founder developed the Protective Security program over a 30-year career traveling to and protecting in high threat regions. Read a complete description of SECFOR’s Protective Security training course here.  read more

Get to work quicker! Try our ONLINE TRAINING

We recognize that 7 weeks is a long time to attend an executive protection training program and SECFOR now offers an option that will minimize your time at our training site which becomes expensive when lodging and meals are added in. Our online theory training will launch in June of 2020 and allow students to attend the theory modules of the training at a fraction of the cost. Students will be able to receive the exact same SECFOR instruction via 20 online self-paced modules and attend an optional hard-skills package to receive all of your driving, medical, surveillance, immediate actions and other hands-on training to complete your training. Fill out the form below or READ MORE HERE

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