Protective Security Education

Executive Protection Training

Our expertise in designing and delivering public safety and defense training programs is unmatched. This Extensive program is the most comprehensive executive protection courses available. During our full academies, Government (WPS, OGA & DOD) and corporate recruiters will come into the classroom to recruit for full-time & contract positions. Also, we are contacted weekly by corporate security departments to provide candidates for executive protection openings.

A graduate of our Executive Protection Training has passed rigorous training protocols and has proven their capability under realistic and challenging conditions. By successfully completing this course it verifies that the graduate possesses specialized training and knowledge not readily available or easily achieved, and that said certificate holder has proven their mastery of the key capabilities required for successful protective operations in all threat environments.

Some Programs our staff offer

  • 2 day Executive Protection Skills Week-end (4 hard-skills covered over 1 week-end) 100% Hands-on
  • 3 day Executive Protection Introduction (80% Classroom / 20% Hands-on)
  • 12 day Executive Protection Essentials (EP Ops, Driving, Medical, Firearms, Immediate Actions)
  • 8 Week Protective Security Academy (All threat environments, Hard and Soft Skills)
  • 50 Day Executive Protection Academy (Focuses more on Corporate & Celebrity details)

Certificates Available?  (Program dependent)

  • Executive Protection Training Program certificate of completion
  • Emergency Medical Response Certificate
  • Basic Life Support/CPR/AED for Heath care Professionals certificate
  • CPR for Professional Rescuers certificate
  • California Guard Card
  • California Exposed Firearms permit
  • Protective Driving Certificate
  • Ongoing Recruitment Assistance


Executive Protection Instructor staff: Our protection instructors currently work in the executive protection industry all over the US and on international details in places like Colombia, Lebanon, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Iraq, and many other countries. Having instructors that are right off of detail and then into the classroom keeps information current and relevant. ATA Instructors specialize in a variety of protection details including:

  • Corporate – Domestic & International
  • Infrastructure Projects OCONUS
  • Entertainment Industry – Production & Tour Security
  • Government – WPS – OGA – GRS

Medical Instructors: Our Medic Instructors are currently practicing medicine when not in the classroom teaching, and come from military special operations and civilians para-medicine backgrounds. All medic instructors have actually performed the interventions they will be teaching. 

  • SARC Medics (MARSOC & Recon)
  • NSW/SEAL Medics
  • US Army Special Forces/18D
  • Flight Paramedics
  • SWAT Medics
  • Ranger Medics
  • Air Force PJs

Driving Instructors: Our driving instructors started their careers racing. They were former NASCAR, Baja 1000, and other notable racing circuit professionals prior to transitioning into Military Mobility training, Department of State WPS driving instruction and training high threat protection personnel. Taking the dynamics of on and off-road racing and combining it with security driving.

  • Former NASCAR Drivers
  • Baja 1000 Drivers
  • Department of State High Risk Driving Instructors
  • WPS Instructor staff
  • Other professional driving instructors

Subject Matter Experts: Other Subject Matter Experts regarding protection, combatives, firearms, SERE, a variety of related skills comes from the ranks of experienced former military, security and law enforcement backgrounds including:

  • US Army Special Forces Marksmanship instructors
  • MARSOC Operators & Instructors
  • SEAL Team Instructors
  • French Foreign Legion
  • Military AT/FP Instructors
  • Federal Law Enforcement Instructor Staff

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