Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register for a course, or just ask questions?

A: Click here —> SIGN UP page and you can register for a course, just ask a questions in the comment section, or both. We will send you all the registration information you will need to pay for a course, use your GI Bill, information regarding housing, what to bring and other logistics information. You should sign up with us BEFORE you go through the GI Bill process with the VA as we will provide you with the information they will need so SIGN UP to day, or call us at 888.270.1911


Q: What is the best course for me?

A: This depends on your goals and time available to train? We have some core modules that are common to all professional protection programs. By combining these modules together, graduates earn professional certificates. Our core modules include:

  • 7 day PSD Driving (Ramming, PIT, Counter PIT, Accident Avoidance, Night Vision Driving,) Module 1
  • 6 day High Risk First Responder (CPR PRO and TCCC Certificates.) Module 2
  • 8 day Executive Protection (Route Mapping, Advance Work, 24 hour detail in Los Angeles) Module 3
  • 19 day High Threat Protection (Firearms, Hard Skills, 2 more full details) Module 4
  • 10 day Surveillance Detection/TSCM (Detecting and Tracking Threats, Bug and Telephone Sweeps) Module 5
  • 40 hours online coursework and testing (Additional information and testing crucial to developing the PSC) Module 6

In 2018, we have packaged our core modules together to match your professional goals, and time.

Executive Protection Certificate (22 days) – Modules 1, 2, & 3 above

High Threat Protection Specialist (42 days) – Modules 1, 2, 3, & 4 above 

Protective Security Certificate (53+ days) – Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 plus 40 hours additional coursework

Any modules students attend in 2017 or before, will be credited towards our new certificates. Students can attend modules in a row or spread out across 24 months and still receive the same certificate.

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Q: What is the Protective Security Certificate™ (PSC)?

A: Our Protective Security Certificate™ graduates have demonstrated a dedication the career, and a skill level not produced by any other private protection program. The PSC program is the new gold standard when it comes to protection training. The program is broken down into a modular system but it is not required that students attend all modules in a row. 

The PSC modules include:

  • 7 day PSD Driving (Vehicle Dynamics, Accident Avoidance, Night Vision Driving, Vehicle Recovery…)
  • 6 day High Risk First Responder (CPR PRO and TCCC Certificates. Module 1 of the 35-day HTPS pipeline)
  • 8 day Executive Protection (Route Mapping, Advance Work, 24 hour detail in LA. Module 2 of the 35-day HTPS pipeline)
  • 19 day High Threat Protection (Firearms, Hard Skills, 2 more full details)Module 3 of the 35-day HTPS pipeline)
  • 10 day Surveillance Detection/TSCM (Detecting and Tracking Threats, Bug and Telephone Sweeps)
  • 40 hours online coursework and testing (Additional information and testing crucial to developing the PSC)

Starting in January 2018, all of the PSC pipeline modules will be scheduled together for those who can dedicate 8 weeks to complete this intense program. Former students may continue their education with us to complete their PSC certificate.

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Q: Do you have any shorter course options?

A: Yes, aside from the modules listed above, we offer a list of current and future short-courses

  • 3 day Executive Protection Driver* (Emergency driving skill plus security driving)
  • 4 day TCCC certificate (Severe Bleeding, Airway Emergencies, Mas Casualty Incidents)
  • 12 day Executive Protection Specialist 1* (Advance Work, Driving, Medical, Covert/Low/High Profile protocols)
  • 12 day Executive Protection Specialist 2* (EP Firearms, Immediate Actions, TSCM, Advanced Driving & Medical)
  • 5 day Advanced TCCC* (Tactical Medicine for Medics)
  • 2 day Executive Protection Introduction* (Introduction to EP concepts and skills)

* Coming in 2018, please check back or sign up for updates to the right

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Q: Other than the certificate pipelines, do you offer any other courses that are GI Bill Approved?

A: Yes, aside from the GI Bill Approved certificate programs and modules listed above, we also offer the following:

10-Day Surveillance Detection/Counter Surveillance – The most up-to-date technical surveillance & countermeasure course, taught by current government-level experts. Specialized training for security specialists going into corporate and government sectors.

7-Day Protective Security Driving – Including on and off road driving, accident avoidance, Night Vision Goggle driving in black-out conditions, PIT and Counter PIT, push-throughs forward and reverse, and a one-of-a-kind reverse clinic. Our staff has been through all the main civilian and government driving courses, and in many cases taught driving to special operations and other government units personnel. We have taken what we have learned through-out our operational and teaching careers and made a more relevant and usable program that produces a professional security driver unlike any other program. 

18-Day Air Travel Threat Mitigation – Your EP job doesn’t stop just because you are traveling by air. We use an actual jet airline as a training platform. One of our most intense courses available will prepare you for today’s unfortunate reality of potential criminal terrorists attempting to disrupt conventional air travel or use planes as weapons.

32-Day Advanced High Risk Protection – This is our WPS prep course. All current protocols are followed strictly. We surpass all current WPS PT and firearms quals. With a 40% fail rate at the WPS academy, it pays to be prepared. Instructors are just off WPS contracts to give you the current info you need to succeed.

30-Day Remote Area Security Operations  – This course concentrates on small, low profile, government or private teams working in austere, remote environments. Instructors come from other government contracts apart from WPS.

28-Day Designated Defensive Marksman – Providing over-watch to government level protective efforts. We surpass the WPS long-gun qualification course and our instructor staff are all current on protective long gun support. 

6-Day Crisis Management Negotiator – Taught by actual Kidnap & Ransom Negotiators, and security teams that provide recovery investigations services to the same. There are no formal courses that teach this unique skill. Hostage negotiation is different than K & R Negotiation in many different ways. Learn from those actually doing the job

21-Day Lone Protector Course – You may have learned team tactics, now you are on your own. What changes..? Everything…Our instructors are working lone details in challenging environments for corporate, celebrity and government clients, and will clearly demonstrate the dynamics of going at it alone.

21-Day International Security Advisor (OCONUS) – 2 weeks of language, cultural training, pre-advance work, mapping, regional familiarization & mission planning, before heading to an international location for the final week of the course. Once on the ground, course participants will complete full advances before running a protective mission, while immersing yourself into local language, culture and receiving regional security briefings by local SMEs. 

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Q: Do you provide graduates employment after the course?

A: We are contacted weekly by corporations and government recruiters looking for qualified, trained personnel. We also have WPS recruiters come into our classrooms during our pipeline courses to recruit students. We have a very robust and ongoing recruitment effort. We will provide you with the best training available, rework your resume, your bio, and provide you with a long list of companies that have hired our students and for those who qualify, provide direct access to 4 government (WPS and Other) recruiters, BUT we can’t do the interview for you. If you accept all the guidance we provide, particularly during our 8 day Executive Protection module of the HTPS pipeline, you should most likely be successful in finding work. We have a large online network where we consistently put jobs out to graduates. And finally, we at SECFOR have hired our graduates to work protection details. Very few training firms will actually hire their graduates, but we believe in what we teach and know that you among the best trained protectors. Here are some of the firms that have hired our graduates:

  • Triple Canopy
  • Academi
  • SECFOR International
  • SISS | Beverly Hills
  • SOC
  • Constellis
  • Sallyport Global
  • Aegis
  • Pinkerton Protection Services
  • Solutions Group International
  • Gavin De Becker
  • AS Solution
  • Black Box Security
  • Numerous corporations
  • High Value VIPs


Q: Who are the instructors?

A: The instructors for the Corporate Executive Protection, High Threat Protection, and Medic courses are a diverse cadre with years of experience working in corporate, entertainment, and hostile environment protection work. The instructors come from SECFOR International, a firm specializing in tactical training, corporate protection work, non-permissive environment protection work, trauma training, and U.S Government contracting. Many of the instructor staff come from military special operations backgrounds who worked for years, and are currently working, in the corporate and high threat protection field between courses. Our staff protects high value corporate clients, government personnel, and other VIPs, engineers, humanitarian workers, and celebrities when traveling to the most challenging regions of the world. We match the instructors up to our courses, based their expertise. If the instructor specializes in Corporate, this is what they will teach, if they teach medical subjects, our instructors will have extensive field medical experience. High Threat instructors will have extensive experience working high threat details in the corporate and government sectors, many coming from SOF backgrounds.


Q. Do you offer a WPS training course?

A:  WPS work is less than 2 percent of the protection market. Due to the training we provide, our HTPS and PSC graduates that have gone the WPS route have been very successful. Since the WPS training has a 40% fail rate, it makes sense to be prepared. Beware of PMC Contracting Hiring Guides written by those that have never worked or recruited for government contracts overseas. During each pipeline course, CURRENT WPS recruiters will come into the classroom and give students the real information on what they are looking for and how our training will benefit you.

We have developed a WPS Prep course which was just approved by the VA and focuses solely on WPS. The 32 day Advanced High Risk Protection course is currently on our 2018 schedule, for individuals who want to prepare themselves to succeed in the government protection industry. If a WPS recruiter has 25 equal resumes submitted that day for PSS positions and 2 have gone through a reputable prep course, these will naturally go to the top of the pile. This comes directly from recruiters who are on board with our program and already hiring our HTPS and PSC students.


Q: Will I only learn “High Threat” Protection in your courses, what if I want to work Corporate Executive Protection?

A: You are taught in all of our programs, short and long, that the art of avoidance through protective intelligence, advance work & planning, threat & risk assessments, realistic contingencies, and accurate usable mapping, is your first line of defense. This has kept our principals and teams safe more times than I can count.  We take you through all levels of security, from low threat estate security here in the US, non-hostile crowds, aggressive fans, to medium threat corporate details in and out of the US including the nuances of celebrity protection work, and all the way to protecting principals in non-permissive environments globally. “High Threat” is the level of protection we can get you to. You will spend much of your time in our computer labs preparing detail plans, threat assessments, mapping and advance work.

We have enough time to bring students up to a very high level level of training. The short executive protection courses (less than 15 days) will be very limited the time it takes to bring you to a high level but may be appropriate for lower threat details only. In our experience, you should train to the highest level possible. 


Q: Should I use my GI Bill for this type of training?

A: GI Bill is just one form of funding we accept for our programs. We accept all conventional forms of payment (Check, Credit Card), government credit card, various federal agency types of funding, and WIOA. GI Bill is just 1 form of funding we accept that only vetted training programs that produce jobs are allowed to offer. You may have read that using your GI Bill for a 6 week Protection course is a bad idea. This information is usually put out by executive protection training firms that cannot get the GI Bill rating for their courses. The answer is entirely up to you. If you want to be a doctor, us your VA benefits for medical school, if you want to be a cook, use your benefits for culinary school. If protection work is your goal….use your GI Bill for a protection course.

After any of our certificate courses, you will have plenty of VA benefits left for ongoing school and other training in the future. The VA in California will only approve programs that have a proven track record of providing graduates work. We just recently submitted, and have been approved for, numerous additional courses and were asked by the VA to provide all student data regarding the work obtained and salaries of our graduates after graduating from our courses. The approval of our new programs was based on our past performance of getting grads work. The 3-10 day self-pay courses that boasts it is better for your future than a 6-week GI Bill approved and vetted program, is just trying to get your hard earned cash.


Q: Can I take all of the GI Bill Approved courses in a row?

A: Our certificate course modules are scheduled back to back. When we group relevant courses together, we call it a training “Pipeline”. Our courses compliment each other and students would benefit from attending all 6 of our core course modules depending on what your professional goals are. We have scheduled the courses in blocks of training with 1 day off in between the courses (in most cases) to minimize your travel expense. Most students take all course modules in a row. Now with our new programs approved, we will group other relevant training courses together to make things more convenient for course participants traveling from outside of our training areas. We now have 14 courses that are that we are offering to continue your education and we also recommend other training institutions that provide superior training. Call us to find out who else we endorse. 888.270.1911


Q: I was never Military or Law Enforcement, can I take your courses?

A: Yes. You may still attend our courses. If paying out of your own pocket, you may want to take our 6 day CPR/Medical Emergency/Tactical Combat Casualty Care/TCCC certificate course followed by our 8 day Executive Protection course. This course provides you with the same medical certifications that all our military students receive plus a solid Executive Protection course emphasizing realistic day-to-day duties, culminating with a 24 hour live detail in Los Angeles. On your final detail, you will pick up your client at LAX airport, working them during their meetings, red carpet events, dinner outings and other activities before taking them back to the high end hotel, and working with a small team to keep your client secured all night.


Q: How do I use my GI Bill® for your training?

A: First SIGN UP with us to receive information you will need to give to the VA, then you can apply online or in person at a VA office near you, by filling out a simple application (VA Form 22-1990). We will provide you will all the links and information to provide VONAPP, after you SIGN UP with us. If you have already used your benefits and wish to attend our courses, you can go to the link above and fill out form 22-1995, which transfers your benefits to our school. See our GI Bill page for more info. If you do not wish to apply online. you can find the nearest VA office by calling: 1 (888) 442-4551 or if active duty, apply at your base education office. If you have already used your GI Bill in the past, you can check how much GI Bill you have left HERE


Q: Does the GI Bill® pay for lodging, flights and meals?

A: The Veterans Administration will reimburse you approximately $65 per day for each day you attend training. What travel expenses you choose to pay with this stipend is up to you. This VA funds will not be paid until after you begin training and may come to you in several payments. Most students pay for their travel and lodging with a credit card and pay their credit card when the VA funds arrive.


Q: Is your course really covered by GI Bill? I have called other schools that claimed to take GI Bill and they could not take VA benefits.

A: Yes our programs accept GI Bill. There are other schools that will not be honest about their VA status so that they have a chance to talk you out of their competitor’s training programs. There is one well known protection training school that on one page of their website, states they take GI Bill, and on another page from the same site, they claim that schools that take GI Bill are “useless”. These dishonest training companies are just trying to get your money and have no problem being less than honest. They will say anything to get you to buy their training. Please report this activity to the VA. Our programs are GI Bill approved. Now we have 14 approved programs!


Q: If I have already used my GI Bill® for another school, how do I transfer my benefits to your training?

A: You can sign up and fill out a simple online form HERE AT The form (VA Form 22-1995) to transfer your benefits only takes a few minutes to fill out. You will have to enter the name of the school and course(s) you are going to attend.The name of the school you should use for our programs is:

Mira Costa Community Education & Workforce Development
2075 Las Palmas Dr
Carlsbad, CA
Program Name: For any of our certificate pipelines, Protective Security Driver is the first course and correct one to list


Q. My GI Bill® will only cover 60% of the training, are there any other funding sources?

A: Yes, there are several other funding sources, you may be able to combine more than one funding source:

WIA (Workforce Investment Act)

Vocational Rehabilitation

Veterans Village San Diego

Veterans Assistance San Diego


Q: What will the GI Bill pay for?

A: If you qualify for Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits at 100%, the VA will pay for the entire course tuition, course equipment (rental firearms, ammunition, medical gear, etc) also a housing stipend (BAH) of approximately $65 per day in most cases. Because all equipment and material is covered in our tuition, this leaves only travel, food and any housing costs above and beyond the $65 per day that the VA can cover.


Q: Where is your training held?

A: Our primary schoolhouse is in Carlsbad, California located in San Diego County. We are based in San Diego but train all over Southern California. We will transport students from our offices, or designated hotels, to training daily and to and from the San Diego airport. Some of our new programs involve field trips up to and including international locations.


Q: Can I use Montgomery GI Bill (MGB) for your training.

A: Not recommended. MGB is generally more usable for traditional colleges and universities and would require a large out of pocket expense for you. Post 9/11 GI Bill can be used for certificate courses and greatly minimizes your out-of-pocket costs. You may have MGB currently, but if you served any time after September 11, 2001, you may be eligible to change your benefits to Post 9/11 GI Bill. You can go onto VONAPP and follow the directions regarding changing your benefits over to Post 9/11 GI Bill or Chapter 33


Q: What gear or clothing should I bring to training?

A: Go to the SIGN UP page and let us know what course(s) you are interested in, and you will receive specific course info. We provide practically everything including firearms and ammunition.


Q: Can I use Vocational Rehabilitation to take your courses?

A: Yes, Our courses accept Post 9/11 and Vocational Rehabilitation benefits


Q: What certificates will I earn upon completion the Protective Security Certificate course?

A:Upon successfully completing the Protective Security Certificate pipeline, you would have earned the following certificates:

1) Certificate of completion High Threat Protection Specialist
2) Certificate of completion Executive Protection
3) Certificate of completion High Risk First Responder
4) Tactical Combat Casualty Care Provider Certificate (NAEMT)
5) CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer – Adult and Pediatric (American Red Cross)
6) Certificate of completion Surveillance Detection/TSCM
7) Protective Security Certificate, letter and custom plaque


Q: What is your hire percentage for graduating students?

A: Since we have students who are active duty personnel and participants that are already in the protection business that attend our courses, it is not easy to put an exact percentage on hiring statistics. We are the only protection academy that we know of that other protection firms and corporations actively recruit out of our graduating classes. Each class we graduate, we have students going to domestic and overseas protection jobs. Here are some of the firms that have hired our graduates:

  • Triple Canopy
  • Academi
  • SISS | Beverly Hills
  • Aegis
  • Pinkerton | Protection Services
  • Solutions Group International
  • Gavin De Becker
  • AS Solution
  • SECFOR International
  • Black Box Security
  • many more…

Beware of training firms that put false job ads out. They usually will attempt to talk you out of other courses, claiming that their course is the only one that will get you work. We do not have to do outside call-outs for protective agents, we only hire our graduates as we have confidence in our training. Every week we have graduates working for SECFOR on protective details and also have corporate firms calling to hire our graduates. Any legitimate school would have plenty of candidates for work so if they are putting out job ads for protection agents….beware.


Q: How does lodging work while attending your courses?

A: Once you sign up we will send you the recommended hotels near our training site, and discount codes. GI Bill users will receive BAH.


Q: How much do the courses cost?

A: Each course description page shows course cost at the bottom of the page


Q: Are there other reputable executive protection schools if I can’t attend yours? 

A: Absolutely. Different from ours, but still good. Find programs that are 15 days or longer for a more complete education. Though there are 2 schools that run shorter programs, only focusing on low threat corporate details (much like our 8 day EP module) that are excellent. Call us to discuss who else we recommend. In reading about the course or talking to a representative, make sure they talk about the benefits of their school rather than the negatives of their competitors schools. Any organization constantly insisting why the other schools are “useless”, have no confidence in their own training and are most likely running “hotel courses”. Attend a school that has hard facilities and training areas as well as a diverse staff still currently working in the protection industry when not teaching. Hotel courses are little better than a webinar, so beware of these. If you would like to know who we recommend, call us and we will let you know who we would recommend. 



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