The full course cost is $24,220. However we do offer scholarships, tuition assistance, and student loans. The course cost includes all firearms rentals, ammunition and training gear. If you would like to apply for tuition assistance or financing, please click on the link below:
  • You may not have had any felony convictions or ANY domestic violence convictions.
  • You must not have any chemical dependence
  • Serious psychological issues that would prevent you from possessing a firearm.
  • Minimum 18 Years Old
  • Must be a U.S Citizen or Permanent U.S Resident
School Name: ATA COLLEGE
School Address: 1810 GILLESPIE WAY STE 104, EL CAJON CA 92020
PHONE: 619.596.2766
  • ID. 1 form of government issued Identification(Drivers License/Passport). Note: Military ID not accepted
  • High School Diploma, GED, or HS Transcripts. If you do not have your High School Diploma you may also send your High School Transcripts. Please contact your High school to request an official transcript if you do not have your Diploma of GED. Any problems we can assist you in obtaining this. 
  • College Transcripts. If you attended college, you must submit all transcripts from those schools. If you have NEVER attended college please disregard this step.
  • Social Security Card
You may take clean well-lit photos with your phone, or scan and send documents to
Multi-national consulting firm, SECFOR International, developed this training concept years ago to train it’s own agents for international high threat work. SECFOR’s staff began to deliver shorter versions on their protection course to veterans in 2011. The program grew to a 53-day Protective Security Diploma based on it’s success of finding graduates employment. In 2019, SECFOR’s CEO became part owner of a small accredited college in San Diego county, ATA College. Becoming part owner of an institute of higher education paved the way to have the PSD program accredited as a college course. The Protective Security Diploma program is now a fully accredited course approved by the US Department of Education and provides students with 24 College Credits under Criminal Justice. The PSD program is not only the most comprehensive protection program available, but will also provide students with a year of college credits to further future academic goals.
Our main campus is located at 1810 GILLESPIE WAY STE 104, EL CAJON CA 92020 in San Diego County. Though we have training sites all over the Southwest US, this is where our base of operations is. 
We will send out specific dates for our lodging plan but to give you an idea, here is the breakdown:
Phase 1: Day 1-19: You will stay at hotel lodging near the El Cajon Campus (San Diego County)
Phase 2: Day 20 – 41: Base housing. We reserve this for you. This will cost you only $22 per night
Phase 3: Day 42 – 53: Back in El Cajon to the hotel (San Diego County)
There are two hotels in El Cajon will be our pick-up points each morning. We will pick you up at the airport when you fly in, transport you to the hotel, and drive you from the hotel to training and back each day. You will not need a car for this course. If you have a vehicle, you may stay wherever you like during Phase 1 and 3 (Use the above address as a location reference when choosing housing). Many students only book a few days in a hotel and make other arrangements (Air B & B etc) with other students once they get into the 1st week of the course. During phase 2, we will already have lodging set up at our training site for all students. 
During the program we will bring in numerous recruiters looking to hire our graduates. These recruiters come from Government and Corporate sectors including, Constellis (OGA & WPS), AS Solution, Gavin de Becker & Associates, Eagle Eye Protection International, J Blair Group, Black Box Security and other recruiters that have hired our graduates. Additionally, SECFOR still conducts international assignments regularly and only uses course graduates. 
We will provide students with all course materials (i.e. firearms, ammunition, medical gear). Below are some items you should bring:
  • Pocket sized notepad (stays with you always)
  • Large sized notebook for the classroom
  • Pen/Pencil (Always have one on you)
  • Layered clothing (Temperature on the ranges can vary greatly)
  • Rain jacket (Always kept in you go-bag)
  • 1 set of Throw-away clothing. Pants (No camouflage) and Long Sleeved Shirt
  • Thumb drive. (Keep one on your key ring)
  • Credit Card with open credit. (You will need to support yourself until BAH comes in)
  • Small Tac/Utility flash light and Head lamp 
  • Laptop, if you have one
Any other questions please let us know. 888.270.1911 or at