Surveillance Detection | Counter Surveillance

GI Bill Approved Surveillance Detection | Counter Surveillance Course

During this 10-day Technical Surveillance Detection and Countermeasure course students will learn numerous techniques to detect and defeat surveillance through electronic means and tradecraft. Detecting surveillance is the front line defense in protecting diplomats, government officials and other high value principals.  Protection specialists rarely receive complete, realistic training in this skill and SD/CS will add value to any security detail corporate or government.

Training Time

Each course is 10 Days/84 hours of classroom and hands-on training.  This is a not-for-credit course.

Skill Sets

The purpose of this course is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to detect surveillance and member of a security manager or protective team member in non-permissive environments.

Subjects Include but are not limited to:

  • Foot and Mobile Surveillance Detection
  • Remote Covert Monitoring
  • Threat Tracking & Reporting
  • Covert Vehicle Tracking
  • Commercial Surveillance Systems
  • Audio/Video Surveillance Installation
  • Audio/Video Surveillance Detection
  • Body-worn Surveillance Devices
  • Electronic Sweep devices & operations
  • GPS & DF Tracking
  • Modification of commercial devices
  • Device troubleshooting and field repair
  • Final Exercises

Total hours 84


Students must verify that they have a clean criminal record

Some of the equipment students learn to utilize during the TSCM modules of the 10 day course