Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certification (NAEMT)


“This Tactical medicine course is by far the best I have seen in my 15 years of service in the SEAL teams. The final exercise is as realistic and stressful as I’ve seen in a training environment. They not only hit the wickets for the cert but also provide some unparalleled realistic training scenarios utilizing Hollywood makeup artists and the most knowledgeable instructors in the business”

Josh K
SEAL Medic/18D

4-day TCCC Certificate Course | $1450* | San Diego

*$1250 for Active Military/LE/EMS

This certificate course is unlike any medical training you have attended. We will teach you what you will not learn in EMT, Paramedic, Emergency first responder courses, or other TCCC programs. This course will prepare students to deal with live-threatening emergencies with very little gear with an extreme hand-on training experience. The course includes tissue labs, ballistic labs, and culminates in a mass casualty incident with patients made up by Hollywood special effects moulage artists in a smode filled multi-storied building. We do a 4-day course because 2 days is just not enough when lives are on the line. NO PRIOR MEDICAL EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – ALL WELCOME

All Tactical Medicine/TCCC courses are not created equal…

Though we conduct the required NAEMT guidelines to provide our graduates with the TCCC Provider certificate, 80% of our training is based on instructor field medic experience. Our staff are not EMTs that took a TCCC instructor course, they are accomplished military and austere environment medics that have practiced what they teach. Our instructor cadre includes SARC medics, 18Ds, SEAL Medics, Ranger Medics, SWAT & Flight Paramedics, & Air force PJs

Which TCCC course is the best format for me?

There are many “Tactical” medical courses. LFR,TFR, TECC, & numerous 2-day TCCC certificates etc. These are just Lite versions of our 4-day TCCC course. Our goal is not to give you an abbreviated version of a course designed to save lives but to produce competent and confident graduates that can handle life-threatening trauma in any environment or circumstance. Our instructors train Military Medics, SOF medics and SWAT medics, Trauma Surgeons, as well as training other Trauma Medic Instructors. This course has proven to be the best trauma short-course available and the choice for Military Medics to learn and perfect their craft.

Wait…then what’s TECC??

TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) is NOT an official certification according to the NAEMT, nor are there any instructor qualification requirements to provide a TECC course. TECC is merely a concept and adjusted guidelines and terminology that are suitable for non-combat environments. We incorporate TECC principles into our all of our TCCC courses. Many non-qualified organizations providing TECC courses will have you believe they are an official NAEMT training provider when they are actually not….I say again…anyone can deliver a TECC course. If you attend a TECC course, make sure the delivering organization has an NAEMT site code and that each instructor is a certified TCCC instructor through the NAEMT also.  Read more here: http://www.c-tecc.org/about/faq

Curriculum is the similar in most TC3 courses, yet our methods are vastly different from the rest…

This TCCC course concentrates on stopping massive bleeding, Proper direct/indirect pressure, tourniquet use, wound packing and pressure bandaging, You will learn to deal with airway & respiration emergencies, conduct emergency patient moves as well as expedited patient assessments. Participants will also learn what should be carried in their trauma kits and where to procure these items. This NAEMT approved certificate-course is ideal for medical or non-medical personnel in Military, Law Enforcement, Protective occupations, Security, Hunters, Recreational Shooters, Civilian Medics, and high risk professions requiring more than First Aid/CPR and EMT courses.


2019 TCCC Schedule (select one)

TCCC Certification / Jan 13 - Jan 16
TCCC Certification / Jun 06 - Jun 09
TCCC Certification / Sep 05 - Sep 08
TCCC Certification / Dec 05 - Dec 08

What makes us so different…?

If the organization providing you with a tactical medic certificate of any kind is not willing to invest in tissue labs, ballistic labs, full moulage scenarios, multi-storied facilities that can be filled with audio, smoke, and other effects….look for another training provider.

Tissue Labs include:

  • Wound packing
  • Hemostatic agents
  • Needle decompression
  • Cricothyrotomy
  • Chest tubes (for medics)
  • Intraosseous infusion (IO)
  • Ballistic labs (5.56, 7.62×39, 7.62×51, 12g, 9mm)
  • Necropsy

This medic course was developed for Military personnel, Law Enforcement Patrol and SWAT officers, Civilian Medics, and protection teams working in non-permissive environments where conventional civilian emergency medical interventions & procedures proved ineffective. Operating in non-permissive environments exaggerated the need to break from civilian medical protocols and add tactical decision making in order to provide the best medicine in hostile environments.

Some topics may include:

  • Rapid Patient Assessment
  • Trauma care approach to Active Shooters
  • Mass Casualty trauma care
  • Effectively stopping massive bleeding
  • Gunshot wound characteristics and treatment
  • Hemostatic Agents (Combat Gauze, Celox)
  • Use of Tourniquets (SOFT-T, SWAT-T, CAT, MAT, Improvised)
  • Proper direct pressure
  • Compression bandages (Commercial & improvised)
  • Tactical Priorities – When to treat & when to fight
  • Airway Management
  • Chest Seals (What works, what doesn’t straight from the field)
  • Self care
  • Trauma Kit development
  • Different phases of care (And what the non-experienced TCCC instructors are not telling you)
  • Case Studies, once again, right from the experience of our staff
  • Blast injuries
  • Medical REACT plans
  • Medical Evacuation considerations
  • Demonstration and skills practice
  • High Risk Scenarios
  • Private and Group Training available

THE BASICS (additional courses below)

Prerequisites: None – No prior medical experience is required

Location: San Diego County, California  USA

Length of course: 4 Days (8:30am – 5:30pm daily)

Cost: $1450/$1250 for Mil/LE/EMS 

Dates:  Regular Courses SEE TRAINING CALENDAR

Lodging: Upon sign-up we will send you the hotel options close to the training site ($65-$85 per night | Room sharing available)

Gear Required: None. You may bring your current trauma kit for evaluation

Clothing: Casual (Bring a change of throw-away clothing for day 4)

Call  us for any questions or to sign up!

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