Tactical Medic Courses

Tactical Combat Casualty Care certification in San Diego

6 day – High Risk First Responder (HRFR): GI Bill Approved This 6-day medic course is ideal for anyone working in the protection industry, high risk public safety, security, or working and traveling to dangerous environments where comprehensive medical care may not be immediately available. The course includes, Tactical Combat Casualty Care TCCC certification, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Remote Medicine, Medical Emergencies, and advanced tissue labs. Full description here

2 day – Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certification (TCCC): This unique NAEMT certified course was initially developed for Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Teams working under hostile conditions where conventional civilian emergency medicine protocols proved ineffective. Operating in a hazardous or tactical environment highlighted the need to develop and employ trauma management strategies that ensured optimized medical care and effective tactical response. Full Description Here

1 day – Tactical First Responder Certification (TFR): This NAEMT Certified course was initially developed for Law Enforcement personnel that may face certain restrictions on equipment and invasive interventions due to their agencies SOPs. Severe bleeding, gunshot wounds, vehicle accidents and other injuries common to Law Enforcement environments are covered. Though this course is only one day in length, it is mainly a hands-on course to reinforce life-saving skills crucial to high risk professions. Full Description Here

1 day – Tactical Trauma Refresher (TTR): Medical skills are perishable and regular refresher training should be part of your regularly scheduled training line-up. A short class-room refresher is followed by scenario-based training labs supervised by qualified combat medics. Scenarios will be based on your unit’s mission profile or an upcoming assignment and can include tissue labs, remote medicine or advanced procedures that may not have been included in your initial trauma care courses. Contact us for your unit’s needs

2 day – Remote Medicine: Description coming soon!


This cellphone video is a brief clip of a recent Tactical Medic. Our state of the art facilities offer effects and training possibilities that only a handful of government training facilities in the US have the ability to offer.

These intensive TCCC courses gives students the most important skills that Military Medics, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Remote medical practitioners use to provide emergency care in a variety of environments positively effecting a serious medical problem