Worldwide Protective Services (WPS)

WPS Contract | April 2016 – September 2021

The “Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986,” as amended (The Act) established the Secretary of State (hereinafter referred to as “Secretary”) as ultimately responsible for, inter alia, the safety and security of the Department of State (Department) and its employees serving in the US and overseas.  The Secretary has delegated these global safety and security responsibilities to the Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS).

The Act further authorizes DS to employ individuals or organizations by contract to assist it with this global safety and security mission.  The Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) 2 contract, administered and managed by DS, Office of Overseas Protective Operations, Worldwide Protective Services Division (DS/OPO/WPS), supports DS’s global protective and security mission, particularly in elevated high risk/high threat environments, by deploying the additional needed resources (see Section J of the IDIQ contract – Appendix B, “Definitions”) to strengthen DS’ security and protective posture in a surge or long-term capacity.

The Department maintains over 270 Posts outside the Continental US (OCONUS). The Foreign Service Act of 1980 gives the Chief of Mission (COM) (i.e., Ambassador, Minister, Minister-Counselor, Counselor, or Chargé d’Affaires) to a foreign country full responsibility for the safety and security of all Government employees serving in that country (except Voice of America correspondents on official assignment and those personnel under the command of a US area military commander) and their eligible accompanying household members.  Advising the COM on the execution of security and protective matters is the Regional Security Officer (RSO), DS, Diplomatic Security Service (DS/DSS).  The RSO is responsible for implementing and managing the diverse portfolio of security and protective functions at the RSO’s assigned Post(s) abroad, including Contractor provided services provided under the WPS 2 contract.

The Contractor shall:

  1. Provide protective services (PRS) for the personal protection and movement of DS/RSO-designated principals, which includes mission preparation (e.g., mission planning, route and site surveys, pre-mission briefings), venue protection, mission review and documentation, and any other mission essential tasks directed by DS/RSO.
  2. Prevent adverse events from occurring to the principal(s), and failing that, minimize the resulting consequences and recover from any effects.
  3. Provide a quick reaction force (QRF) to supply enhanced support for protective movements, which includes route reconnaissance, advances, tactical support, armed rapid response, tactical medical evacuation, and other mission essential tasks directed by DS/RSO.
  4. Conduct mission essential training (e.g., mission planning, route and site survey, attacks on principals, motorcade operations, rules on use of force, venue protection, etc.) on each scheduled work day that PRS/QRF teams are not assigned a protection mission or performing mission essential tasks. This training shall not be conducted on the team’s scheduled day off in accordance with the requirements of section C.7.2, “Work Restrictions and Requirements.”  Advise DS/RSO COR and DS/OPO/WPS GTM when training is being conducted in accordance with section C.


WPS 2 Contract Awardees

Aegis Defense Services LLC
Contract #: SAQMMA16D0042
1760 Old Meadow Road; Suite 400
McClean, VA 22102

Chenega Patriot Group LLC
Contract #: SAQMMA16D0043
3000 C Street; Suite 301
Anchorage, AK 99503

GardaWorld Government Services Inc.
Contract #: SAQMMA16D0044
1101 Wilson Blvd; Suite 1750
Arlington, VA 22209-2277

Sallyport Global Holdings Inc.
Contract #: SAQMMA16D0045
3601 Eisenhower Avenue; Suite 600
Alexandria, VA 22304-6426

Contract #: SAQMMA16D0046
15002 Northridge Dr; Suite 100
Chantilly, VA 20151-3850

Sterling Operations Inc.
Contract #: SAQMMA16D0047
2229 Old Hwy 95
Lenoir City, TN 37771-6747

Triple Canopy Inc.
Contract #: SAQMMA16D0048
12018 Sunrise Valley Drive; Suite 140
Reston, VA 20191-3444